7.0 Update: Underspire

Is there anyway to make the graphics less glaring and difficult to read? these are really awful on the eyes.


Can someone (or a few) show me what their Dragon Boss room looks like on the map (not the minimap)?

Here is mine after defeating it

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I love the Underspire thank you for making it. :grinning:

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I was playing on my phone and noticed the keystone door barrier and boss rooms looked weird. Hopped over to Steam, and it looks correct and completely different.
They probably missed porting images to the different versions?

Report issue here: [Reported] 7.0 Broken Graphics - #4 by NerdieBirdie


I meant the kingdom level (that goes from 1-20). This patch has cluttered my brain with a lot of unnecessary changes, and I was just trying to find a meaningful way for me to upgrade my kingdoms. Needless to say, I was disappointed that my kingdoms will stay in the stone age.

It is fine to get 2 color deed books to get kingdoms to 16, but trying to get 30 color deed books is absolutely ridiculous.

After testing out the under spire I can say this: this is what the dungeon rework SHOULD have been. I will wait to see what the final boss room gives, but it has to be better than the “perfect run” bs of daily dungeon disappointments right?

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ahaha… oh this game is great. I forgot about NerdieBirdie’s broken graphic topic.

I’m not even trying to bring attention to that. It’s supposed to have a proper graphic.

Turns out, despite the broken graphic… thank you. Helpful.

My honest opinion as a player level 1,501 now, Underspire is not fun and is boring. It just like Dungeon but longer and takes forever to battle in for a few rewards, why I have to concentrate on getting gold to complete the guardians task each week to activate the bonuses. Dungeon has purpose so we can use the diamonds to get troops and that takes a long while to gather 4,000 diamonds but is worth it. Underspire takes too long and to me not worth wasting time on. It would’ve been nice to have improvements towards more gold being added after we fight battles in P.V.P Ranked Like 25,000 - 75,000 gold after a fight so it not taken a long time to unlock Legendary Task achievable after completing all 12-guardian task!

2 books to go to 15-16 is kingdom pl 23to 24. 26- 27 requires pl 18, and THAT’s hard, near impossible. pl 30 is kingdom level to 20.

i have been TRYING to get my kingdom pl up, i have one kingdom at 29. many of the rest are blocked by books.
[most are medal blocked, so i really need those glory orb rewards]

getting enough books for one kingdom to get to 20 is ridiculous, there are 37 kingdoms.

we agree on that, i thought you were saying pl 16, that seemed really low to me.

Even though the Underspire itself can be fun, this update altogether is quite a bummer. We all expected more ways of spending money for basic resources, but the whole game now seems way to complicated and overstuffed.

Nothing is really declared in-game for new or even older players. Visualization is gross and basically hiding all necessary information during battles on smaller screens. No wonder people quit on this game so fast even though it once was the best of it’s kind …


It’s just incredible how this update pushes HARD on pay to win. The underspire is clearly just that: pay if you want resources, if not… well, we don’t care about you, move along.

The new troop design is horrific. After playing 30m, i had to shut it down. My eyes were strained, impossible to continue.

The doom weapon in tower a doom is the worse addition ever. Who the hell has enough resources to update that?. So by default it’s a setup for failure or … pay gems from ALL guild to reach higher levels.

Been playing this for 7 years, but this update is the update that triggered me and another guildmate to think very seriously about calling it quits. The direction of the game is clear. No modes are enjoyable anymore.

There’s should be a public system where users should be able to vote on things like these before they are making it to production. I would be very curious to see how many ACTIVE PLAYERS would have agreed with half of these changes??? But again, it’s not about the players, it’s about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And forcing someone to spend gems is the way.

Good luck to you all.


Not sure if anyone answered you yet:

Teams do not persist, you can make a new team for every battle.

The daily free torches do accumulate.

We were given Monday and Tuesday’s torches today, that’s why it was 14 today.

The color gradient behind card text is terrible. I can feel my eyes straining except on mono-color cards.

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@Kelana Thanks you were the first.
For an event with so many battles, dead/transformed troops or reordered teams persisting would be awful.

Yeah, that would be borderline impossible. It would be the hardest hard-mode of all time. lol

Just played the Underspire and wow is it boring. Whats so fun about…I dont see it. Just a waste of gems. Beat a boss and found a stone thing but ok now what? Idk not liking it. :neutral_face:


some posted some rewards, like 2 imperial deeds and so on. There’s promise of dragonite. How much, no idea

BUT, to get there without spending an insane amount of gems AND/OR CASH… is not possible.

I wish they would have concentrated on fixing bugs and listen to the community on some event changes, rather than adding MORE CONFUSION and more gem burning opportunities. A shame.


Beta tester here. I’d encourage you to give the mode a try - even just using the free torches (and one lamp that you get free from the first vendor) and see if you feel like it was worth it. I was more negative about this mode in the beginning but I turned around a bit as they made changes and adjustments based on the feedback. I may not spend many gems on it (I’ll almost certainly at least do the 50 gem per day tier because that won’t hurt me), but I will at least do the free stuff. You might try it and hate it, but you might find it worthwhile.

I obviously can’t promise anything because I’m just a tester, but from what I saw, I feel like I can get some imperial deeds without spending anything at all, and that alone is worth the time to me. Plus orbs, etc. It’s based a bit on RNG, of course, but honestly I picked very bad paths most of the time and I think it should be possible to get to at least 1-2 dragons for free. It’s not everything but it feels worth my time to at least do that.

I also appreciate that they allowed the torches to roll over, so you don’t have to play every single day to get the full benefit.


400 gems spended today, this mode its just a scam.