6.9 - Bad Decisions and Broken Promises

Unfortunately, I have to add my voice to those who feel that the new version 6.9 was a bad decision by the developers. Trials are ridiculous. I had finished most of the content upgrading my kingdoms but had a few to complete. Not being able to create your own team to battle is a joke. You are given a very poor, low ranking team that can not possibly beat the enemies that they are faced with. Even if you level up the ones that you already own. Wasting souls to upgrade these poor quality troops should not be expected of your players. Mine will remain unfinished and that is one of the things that was so much fun about the game. Trying to figure out the best teams for the job. Taking away the fun in the game is a VERY bad idea. The other issue that I have is that it was stated in the update notes that the issue of missing art would be resolved for players on mobile. I play on an iPad and am continuing to have the same issues of missing art. This is another enjoyable aspect of the game that seems not to be important to the developers.

I really enjoy this game. I love that it’s not too easy, that you have to put in the work to advance and the fact that you have to figure out the best ways to build teams to combat enemies.
Hopefully, the developers will listen to the overwhelming negative feedback and quickly fix these issues.

Thank you for taking my comments into consideration.