6.5 Update: Dragon's Path

@Jeto no stream to announce and showcase any of the new things?

Dungeons now have a Level that affects the difficulty of the Dungeon. The Dungeon Level can never go below 1 and can never be higher than 20.


Wait, it’s talking about this thing in the top right…

How on earth do you get that to level 20 just using stairs when they reset every day? o.O


I was just going to show the same pic XD

Time will tell us

Currently I’m kinda excited to see what we got here.
Hopefully without bugs
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

More information here


Where the heck is this Gem Dragon Egg? I cannot find it anywhere…


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I had already played my dungeon battles today, yet I have these available to play.

EDIT: The buttons are not clickable though!

To unlock the Dungeon you must complete the Quest Lines in Drifting Sands, Shentang and Suncrest.

Please update this. :innocent:

The article says, twice, that there are 3 traps and 1 boon, plus 3 dungeon battles, behind the 6 doors. Is this an error or am i misunderstanding something?

I appreciate the bug fixes and new offers in this update. Hopefully it’ll be a big improvement.

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Just to compare it:

If you completed already todays dungeon battles, you can not do it again.
Sad to see, having this update before daily reset instead of with daily reset.


Alphabetic is the “secondary” sort order for all filters (i.e. items that are otherwise identical in the sort, e.g. Mythics by Rarity, Lv.20s by Level).

I know

But why does Elite Level excist?
Will we be able to “medal” our weapons too?

Well, if I live long enough, Diamantina looks amazing since its (Magic x 2) + 6 from what I can tell. 6 color mythic that can do what Phoenicia does without a Fire Storm. Its also a Mage, so getting the Gold Upgrade will give it +12 damage. (6 x 2)

If my math skills still exist, I believe the other 6 dragons are (Magic x 1.5) + 6, so they’re pretty potent if you match a few matching gems with their 3rd trait of (2 magic per color grab) before casting.

I think they’re all useful for magic gaining as well…

Diamantina is still easier to use
Rubitrath (red) with Sunspear hero
Topasarth (yellow) with Stormcaller hero
Emeraldrin (green) with Venoxia/King Gobtruffle/Sycorax
Garnataerlin (brown) with Sycorax/Chalcedony
Sapphirax (blue) with Sycorax

Amethialas (purple) … Elemaugrim? Thrall?

I’m blanking on Purple. there’s gotta be something better.

From the help article:

Your current Dungeon level is displayed in the top right of the screen and will carry over to the next day, after daily reset.


Any plan about jewel/diamond enhancement or “re-work” ?
If You have all the troops, the only valuable jewel-based resource is the imperial deed.

Gotta say, my initial reaction after doing the dungeons today: I’m not a fan of the new dragonite scratchcard :confused:


As someone lucky enough to get a perfect dungeon on day one, here’s how many Dragonite I got


Might you wanna show us your 6 dungeon door layout?
Just to compare it and data collecting :wink:

Sure thing, but definitely random from person to person. Other guildmates had different boons and different layouts


great job on the screen resolution for the dungeon shop guys! Steam windowed looks like this:

and fullscreen is even worse!:

(it looks like I’m supposed to be able to see how many gems I have on that screen, but it’s cut off just like the “deeper delves” extra sigils was.)