6.4 won't start on iOS

After updating to 6.4 yesterday morning, the game won’t start. It gets stuck “Loading Assets…”

This is the latest version of iOS on an iPhone13 Max Pro.

From asking around, it seems some people have suffered this and others have not. Of those who have, deleting and reinstalling it fixed it for a very few.

I have contacted support. With the typical auto-responder response but no humans. Of course this also means I’ll lose my perfect-attendance bonuses.


Your best bet is to either try the troubleshooting steps for iOS, or wait for support to get back to you. Being the weekend, you shouldn’t expect an answer from them until approx. 48 hours from now at the earliest.

FYI, I am also on iOS and haven’t had any issue with 6.4 yet.

Yeah, but those steps start with:

Ensure your account is linked and you’ve noted down password before reinstalling. Your account progress is saved to our servers. Linking your account ensures you can access again if it becomes lost.

Can’t do that now. Pretty sure, since I only ever played it on the iPhone, it’s not “linked”. So uninstalling would, by those steps, destroy my account. Kind of a harsh step.

Sadly, their average response time to me is measured in weeks, not hours, and historically they haven’t been able to solve issues even when they can see them in their logs.

That’s unfortunate that you haven’t linked your account yet. Not sure if support can help you, but that’s for them to let you know.

Other than their response times being slow, which is generally acknowledged, and @Kafka has gone into detail about (see below), I have had a positive experience with support. To be fair, not linking your account would not be considered a fault with their support, but let’s hope for the best.

EDIT: According to this, they should be able to help you recover your account after you reinstall:

That’s kind of silly. I have run many many games and applications on my Phone. Other than this, none have ever crashed in a way that would cause me to have to delete my data. And keep in mind, in reaction to their update. For you to claim that it’s not their fault that they may have destroyed my account is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to create a link. Especially since, as you presumably know, the data is on their servers anyhow. You can look at it with some of the guild tools.

Anyhow, glad you’ve had a good experience with support. I will hold out hope for the same.

Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying, or perhaps I didn’t clearly explain - your account / data is not lost. What is happening seems to be a problem with the game itself on your phone; it’s failing to load up properly. Reinstalling the game refreshes things so the game should start working again. Your account, as you noted, is on their servers. Since you didn’t link your account, that just means that you have no way to recover your account (again, not deleted, but not accessible from your phone) without their support.

How does your phone know what account to load into the game? That is what linking is for. There’s nothing ridiculous with you linking your account. Perhaps you don’t understand what linking means - it’s simply associating your account (on their servers) with something you can identify (like your e-mail address), so your phone knows which account to load.

I hope that makes things clearer for you, and yes, let’s hope they can sort this out for you and that you will be patient enough to wait for their support. :innocent:

Oh, I understood. Yes, I know (and said) both that the game is merely failing to fully load and that they still have the data.

It sounds, though, that your position is:

The fact that their update to their game may result in the loss of your account and the items you spent money on is your fault, not their fault, because while they store all your data on the servers, they don’t make it accessible.

I do appreciate the responses, but painting this as my fault is bizarre.

How does your phone know what account to load into the game?

Ask for the “Invite Code” and verify it against the device’s (Apple) Game Center ID. That’s literally all it would take for it to be robust and secure.

That’s not my position at all. I see you either have trouble with reading comprehension, or are just very interested in arguing with whoever tries to help you. There’s really no point in posting on the forums if that’s the case.

I never said it was your fault, I said that not having linked your account simply means you can’t access your account on your own, you’ll need their help to do so.

From I forgot my password in Gems of War:

What if I never registered my account?

If you have not previously linked or registered your account to Gems of War and can’t remember your password, contact Support.

Please provide as many details on your account as you can remember so we can locate it:

  1. What other names could your Hero have?
  2. Are there any other emails that could have been used with your account?
  3. What level was your Hero?
  4. Were you apart of a Guild, and if so, what was the name?
  5. What gender was your Hero?
  6. What race was your Hero? (Human, Elf, Orc, Dog, Cat, Fish)
  7. Do you remember what Armor your Hero was wearing?
  8. What class the hero had, or what classes you had unlocked?
  9. Do you remember what your Home Kingdom was?
  10. Had you made any purchases? If you were on Android, the GPA ID of your account will help us quickly recover it.
  11. Do you remember when you started playing Gems Of War?

Don’t worry - your account is not lost forever, we just need information to locate it. All of these questions will help us quickly locate your account.

Feel free to keep responding to my posts, but I will exit this conversation now, and will be sure to never respond to your posts again. Good luck to you. :innocent: