6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

This is imo one of the better new recipes. 500 glory keys = 5% of a mythic whereas 75 guild keys = 8%.

500 glory keys would give a small amount of raw gems though.

90 fights to get my first “Curse Gnome”. Dropped “12 Cursed Stones”
52 fights for 10 Crowns.

Has anyone crafted a cursebreaker weapon yet? Do they require forge scrolls to upgrade?

It the GaP Rate lowered /will it be raised in the future?
I killed 280 gnomes in the GaP and not even one Cursed Gnome! :face_with_monocle:

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I reached the maximum level at the nearly useless soulforge and now everything what l had achieved deleted! I have to buy the levels for real money again. FYI I deleted the game. Thanks for this kind and thoughtful Christmas present. It hurts me a lot! Happy Christmas everyone. I quit. XX


I keep getting the Soulforge tutorial whenever I re-launch the game. Twice from the main map, and now always after clicking on Games > Soulforge.

Is this happening to anyone else? Am I missing something? I have clicked all the tabs in the Soulforge.

This is on iOS.

New Gnome

Word has it that cost goes up by 5 for each level, so that would be 325 runes.

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Still NO change to the already LENGHTY Mythic forge rotation???


If they do go up by 5 each time, here’s the gems/rune breakdown:


So, if you want to get the most mileage, plan out which levels to upgrade with Gems, and which to upgrade with Runes.


Last level is 60 Runes, for a total of 330
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


The low appearance rate of Cursed Gnome is painful. Took me three GaPs and three hours of fast explore to get my first one which dropped 3 Runes. And I need 325 to unlock the top tier of Soulforge. Frustrating to me, not fun.


I found 74 runes today if anyone is interested. Probably 5-6 hours farming with 1 or 2 GAPs per hour.


Then Soulforge level 15 and 20 are tied for the cheapest (in terms of gems/rune).

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Would anyone be able to share the crafting recipes for Cursebreaker weapons and the new Dark Smith Drenza troop please?

This one is a little confusing for me, anyone can explain?

Yeah I’m confused too. This is my account. My wife has 400 battles and none. Edit: This also include 8 GaPs

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My read on this is: starting Thursday, dec 16, the chance to encounter Cursed Gnomes in explore will be higher for 7 days, dec 22 being the last day. Right now, dec 15, we are still having the normal rate of cursed gnomes.


Thanks, I do like to know how increased it would be under the event. A tiny better than usual gnomes is outside the gnome event is not much noticable at all.