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6.0 Update - Into The Rift

Well, if that is a biggie for you I can understand the frustration.

I mean, that’s literally the point of these passes. They want to give you FOMO, and you’re giving them what they want.

Totally your choice, just letting you know that they’re adding more passes because it works on people who need to stay on top.

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It is, but maybe I have to let it go and that could be a big step in letting the game go.


If it is the leaderboards that is making you pay. You can rather try to adjust and try to ignore the leaderboards if possible. Maybe the game will be more enjoyable for you if you ignore them and have money for other things instead? Ofc if you are able to.

That makes the game more P2W, though. It discourages non P2W players from paying for other things.

I am not saying GoW is P2W. I understand @PGSundling’s concern and it is valid, but I think people caring about about an out of game leaderboard are the minority.

I would still prefer to see less paid timegates though. Pay to reduce grinding, like increase gold drops? Sure. Pay for cosmetics? Perfect. Making F2P players wait? Ehh.


Journey seems to pause the campaign (less campaign pass).
That and the number of new kingdoms (additional pass) per time makes the cash calculation not so simple :thinking:
Its just easy for the ones who just can live without some tarots and with some delay = 0 :wink:

So there will come more kingdoms appartently? I was only expecting Nexus. So good news!


Oh I totally agree, I just don’t want to boss him around and tell him he has to stop spending is all


Same, wanted to tell him there is options, and adjustments might be possible for him.

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I don’t mind F2P players waiting. I’m not a fan of people already paying either cough up more money or join the F2P players waiting.

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New kingdoms use to be one of my favourite things in this game. I use to love getting on on Friday afternoon and doing the questline and then opening keys to see what mythics I would get and spending the next week or two trying to mythic all troops for max stars. That enjoyment has already been destroyed knowing I can’t even get all the troops without paying real money.

Journey events looks like another raid, invasion, ToD, We, bounty being restricted by what troops we use while the ai troops increase their stats up to 1000. Of course like all the other event it will require a lot of gems just to continue playing and not run out of energy.

This game needs more updates like the gnome tracker, GaP and pets where all players can get all content for free but payers can get more resources if they pay money and less paying for what used to be free and renaming events with minor changes just to milk more money out of players.

I’m glad I’m a very casual player not caring about progression and just playing what I like and what I need to for my guild so I can just ignore everything related to money. It’s a real shame the devs changed so much from actually caring about the game and the players to now not caring at all about the quality of the game or the enjoyment of the players and now just caring about money and focusing updates solely on how to get more money out of players.


We would like to request the possibility of purchasing all the passes at once for a discounted price of 119$. It should be called “Elite Plus Royal Kingdom Free Epic Chai and Legendary Watermelon with Air Conditioning Boost Pass” to beat superlatives in the names of Indian trains.


Too bad they don’t have that for all platforms.

It is for all platforms except Switch unless that just wasn’t working for me. http://gowdb.com/ just click on settings on the top to choose what platform you want and on extras to see the leaderboards. The whole website and leaderboards was made by a player and not the actual developers of the game.

anyone got info on what would we get from kingdom pass vs royal pass vs royal elite plus pass?

aside from the tarot legendary, pet, and weapon on royal pass.

I’d probably skip on royal pass if it’s just those measly bonus

Reference to new Kingdom lore :smiley:

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@Kafka When is this journey happening for the first time? didn’t find any info on that, or just didn’t understand :grimacing: Is it a week long event or will it replace some weekend event, if it’s a weekly one, will the campaign be running beside it?


To many loops and hoops, for announcing more seasons pass.


Really a 2nd battle pass? Honestly that’s a little ridiculous


The first Journey event will happen with the release of the new Kingdom, Nexus.

It’s a week long event, and will run instead of a World Event.

Journey events don’t have a regular schedule at this time, but we are exploring implementing some during Campaigns.