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6.0 Update - Into The Rift

Aside from Nexus, Broken Spire is the only other kingdom without a faction.


Was stated in the OP.


Sorry, somehow missed it.

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50 levels is too much in my opinion. It took 40 minutes in level 1 quick explores to get 10 crowns. Please rethink this. Reduce the levels or remove the time gating.

I don’t think 50 levels is a problem by itself. Doing 10 crowns a day for 5 weeks is where I see is a problem. 1hr a day would be 35 hrs doing just this with no breaks or FOMO!!! etc


Let battle crashers in other battle types while doing daily cardio. Adventures, Dungeons, Underworld, etc.


Ordinary Battle-Crashers and Gnomes can already show up in the Adventure Board, Dungeons, and the Arena. I don’t see a good reason why the Kingdom Pass dude shouldn’t be permitted to show up in those as well, although he could end up being a pain in the Arena given the limitations.

But I’d draw the line at Delves and the World Event and not permit him there. Because the ordinary folk don’t get to show up there; that, and I’d probably be more inclined than I already am to throw a controller through the screen if he shows up while I’m beating my head against the wall that is the Dark Pits. (I need another Mist of Scales pet at level 20 for kingdom stars, that’s why Dark Pits moved to the front of my line.)

For the most part, I haven’t been too upset about the appearance rate of the guy in Explore 1. While I’ve had a day or two where he hasn’t wanted to appear, and I had a devil of a time getting the 10th to show up on Monday (after I lost a Battle-Crasher while doing Campaign tasks), I’ve been more aggravated at server lag than anything else.

But I’m also using a Rowanne/Maraji Queen/Leprechaun team to grind Elementalist XP, which goes very quickly in Explore 1, so I feel like I’m making some progress even when the guy isn’t showing.

Thank you for adding the tarot cards into the soul forge much appreciated.