505 thanks for making a game custom for my player experience

But I only play…

And pay…

Because of the 99% of the other players playing the game. If they don’t exist, then neither do I.
I’m personally done financially supporting a game that’s philosophy was once to offer a free great game experience. But over the years you, 505, have done everything you can to corrupt that philosophy. Thus trying to Exploit my trust in IP2 and Gems of War. Much like you, I’m not a fan of exploits.

Epic Tasks (all 6 of them total) should not cost more than 2.6 million total. Break it down however you want. Great idea, but greedy expectations that severely devalues legendary tasks that were already devalued.

And before you (the player) get triggered from my SS. Keep in mind that the damage is done already. And though the devs and 505 have no clue what they are doing with Delves. They are very much aware of my resources as a collective. But not concerned enough about the resources of the other 99% of the game.