5 Weeks later

Changes to daily offers were announced 5 Weeks ago .

Nothing has been changed! But okay cool, folks make mistakes. The folks that work on Gems of War make a higher than average number of mistakes. But at my job I make very few mistakes so they counter balance me. They survive for a living while I thrive for a living. That being said…

It’s no longer a “mistake” when you tell Switch users the exact same bull shit you told us. When 3 weeks ago @OminousGMan claimed there changes haven’t even passed testing.

Why include them in the patches notes anyway if it just a plan and not actually part of the update?

This bug report isn’t too report the broken code that I reported for kingdom offers YEARS ago (still not fixed). But instead the communication with those you contract the game out to these years. THEY aren’t responsible for the game. They are just hired labor. Just one of you needs to fill the void that Sirrian left and actually care about Gems of War. Otherwise I would advise you all to start looking for other employment. Because this bull shit is unsustainable.


Here is the solution, but will they listen?

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I agree with this.




Real question(s) though:
Are those dev actions/inactions calculated/deliberate?
Or is the disappointment which a huge part of the playerbase “feels” just “that”, some unexplainable feeling? Is the problem, the players? Beeing greedy and unreasonable with expectations? ^^

Maybe we, the playerbase, should reflect harder on our expectations towards the game. f.e. if we get some roadmap posted, we just have to accept the fact, that this won’t ever completely be the implemented case, things will get postponed or it may be decided things won’t even get done. Just go at it that way: whenever something gets announced, expect they’ll come up with “the worst” for the players. You’ll be surprised how far they’ll still be able to beat your expectations. We won’t get “got deals” for resources you’ll actually need. Just look at the declined output of the adventure board we face since weeks. I would really like if someone made the effort and has actual stats of the last several months of the adventure boards, but “my feeling” is, we get less and less “good things” there too.


Of course they are deliberate. Shafting and disrespecting players is the current MO. Return the favour

I don’t think it’s the players who are greedy.

Instead of having, say, 2 or 3 really good updates each year we get one every month or maybe every other month that is basically “give us more money” while adding nothing exciting to the game.

The things that could have been exciting like the hoard mimic, dungeon or forge reworks are always marred by relying heavily on RNG and/or hard to obtain resources.

Issues don’t get fixed (kingdom pass for example - still the same boring grind, still the same issue with the 10th battle crasher) because they need to churn out another thing that tries to get us to pay, pay, pay…