5 Spots Open - Dark Vengeance

Hi Players!

Dark Vengeance has 5 spots free for the next active players to join us!

We ask for the following requirements weekly

  1. Discord user so that we can all communicate
  2. 1500 seals
  3. 300 trophies
  4. 500K gold donated
  5. Raid / Invasion / Gwar events played (but no need to buy sigils… just free ones fine)
  6. Prefer level 500+, but can accept lower if you have completed your Kingdoms, and able to meet the other requirements.

What we offer

  1. Great community - we share a discord with our sister guild and we learn from each other
  2. 40K seals every week is reached, so we get lvl 6 guild chests
  3. All tasks completed by Tuesday (This week we were finished by Monday at noon!)
  4. Rewards from Legendary tasks
  5. Last RAID, we closed all portals and gained all those rewards!
  6. We are currently ranked 685, and we are only 121 days old.

If interested, reply or DM me your invite code…