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5.6.1 Hot-Fix Released

People were having the issue regardless what device they were using.

Someone mentioned the Samsung S21 and iphone 12, those are 2 of the newest phones you can get and they had the issue.

We are their QA. Many of you still pay them for that amazing opportunity. :rofl:


Realistically, given that there have been issues involving actual mildly older (yet still supported) devices in the past, it would make sense to me – for a company that has said it’s working to improve its processes to ensure things like this happen less often – not to only test on the newest and shiniest or most powerful devices anyway.


You are right. I just got the sudden crash after the update. So this is not fixed unfortunately. @Saltypatra

I just would like to know when “…once it passes submission” might show up for switch players.
2 weeks having this bug now is kinda exhausting…

Did we get any kind of compensation for this? I had to avoid playing Level 12 explores and I lost Arena and Event matches because of the bug.


Likely “Community Week” was the compensation.

Which, if so, I’m fine with.

But I’d also be totes open to having a “Community Week” every update as a pre-emptive “sorry for the new bugs — we’ll sort them out soon!”


Maybe they are waiting until the update has been released on Switch, so the compensation can be sent out (as promised) to all players on every platform at the same time?

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Lol, tx I got a good :rofl:

Preferential treatment notwithstanding, Nintendo has a cap on how many updates you can release in any given period, to make sure developers meet minimum quality standards, don’t forego QA and players don’t have to endlessly download updates.

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Okay thats good to know.
But in this case its still strange that they were able to change GaP and several incidents of wrong weapons or troops in events immediately.

Some things, like rewards for battles and Gorky-a-Lanozza spawn chances are determined by the server. Some things, like translations and other non-executable bits can be patched on and downloaded from the server.

GoW’s battle logic is done on the client and can’t be fixed without a client patch. That’s just how they chose to implement it.


@Saltypatra Any update on when the fix for the Switch will be approved?

Hey folks,

Sorry it appears there may have been a miscommunication, the double skull damage from the AI was affecting everyone, not only those playing on older devices. Sorry for the mix up!

Regarding players who are still having crashing issues on iOS:

It is quite normal for apps to close on mobile devices when too many are open or too many memory hungry apps are open at once, the operating system automatically closes apps running in the background to help the active app run more efficiently. So if you have a really good new phone with the latest operating system, you’re less likely to experience crashes on any app and even then, less frequently than older devices running older operating systems.

The key difference with this specific iOS issue we’re investigating is that it seems to only be getting reported by players with more recent iPhones and the latest versions of iOS installed - so that’s what makes it stand out to us all.

If you have an iPhone 5 that still runs the game KUDOS on keeping your device in tip top condition - mine already died 4 years ago! - but it’s your OS and device memory causing crashes :frowning:
You can try these steps to help run the game smoother but we may not be able to assist you make the game run better in this case :frowning: we do try to keep the game optimised so it continues working on older devices but at some point it does become very difficult to keep the game running on devices the manufacturer no longer supports either.

If you’re in the group using an iPhone 8 or later model and your game crashes quite regularly even with NO apps running in the background (and I mean NO apps - I’m looking at you Discord, Facebook, Messenger and TikTok users!) then I would recommend sending a ticket to help us pinpoint the issue.

If you send a ticket through we’ll ask you to send through some crash logs for us so we can determine what caused the crash:

The information you provide in your tickets is being gathered and passed onto the dev team so we can look for similarities in the devices, OS version, accounts, gameplay patterns etc of the people who are affected by this.

We’ve already been receiving the requested crash reports from a few players so thank you very much!


Thoughts on starting a new thread? This is a great post, and I imagine people will miss it since it’s hidden inside another post.

Also, someone who was experiencing this issue on a brand new iPhone was able to fix it (so far) by reinstalling the game. Just something to try for anyone struggling! Not sure if it’ll work for everyone but can’t hurt.

So who thought 50 gems and 5 event keys was enough of a compensation for the game being broken for over a week?

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It has long been clear that developers don’t care what the community thinks :confused:

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Dear Community, we are fully aware that our bug significantly cranked up event difficulty for more than a week, requiring you to buy additional shop tiers for event energy needed to participate. Those shop tiers cost up to 500 gems each, so even a single purchase due to battles lost is quite painful. Good news, we promised a compensation, and we live up to that promise! Please find 50 gems in your in-game mail, those should make you feel much better about the extra cost we caused you. And since we are feeling extra generous, we are also tossing in 5 event keys. Yay!
Reminder: Don’t forget to buy the Elite Pass next week so we can continue to uphold our exceptional service standards.

Hold on, that does make us appear like complete butt holes. Let’s forget about the announcement and just send out the compensation. Please make room under the table, I’m definitely not going on show up on the forum for the next week.

I guess a less tone deaf move would have been to not send out any compensation at all. If you can’t make it look good, at least don’t make it look bad.


*on some older devices



18 days ago I predicted 50 gems. Lol

So it was you, thank you!!!111