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5.3 Update

This has got to be new, or else it makes no sense.

And if it is new, WHY wasn’t this stated before when people were upset? Even at a really low percent chance this has got to be one of the most positive, player-favorable things the update brings :joy:

I mean, I know I at least feel a little less bad about it. Very, very slightly — but every bit helps!


Well, if its possible now, I have nothing negative to say.


Nobody on PC/mobile is reporting instability, right? It’s just consoles (and maybe not even all consoles)?


On PC, someone found a pet, and no notification popped up. And the shrine, after completing it, it has one of those green exclamation marks that never goes away.


I just want to thank you for the troop balance changes. Even if I am not planning to use these troops, they are better for newer players starting out than they were.

I hope that this is a start and that we will see some more balance changes in future updates.


We don’t normally like to do balance changes with updates, but I know we haven’t done a bigger sweep in a while. I’ve been speaking to the devs about this and they are looking into finding the time to do some more widespread balance changes when they can. (I want to add that this likely won’t be Hero classes due to them being more difficult to balance (or offer refunds for) and having lots of moving parts, but there are some troops they have been eyeing off for a while. When we make these balance changes they will primarily be buffs.


Thank you! Balance changes in form of buffs is so greatly welcome!


I’m actually kind of okay with the update. I even “liked” the main post (I haven’t done that in a while) :joy:.

  • The link between Warbands and Starter Packs is kind of nostalgic for me, and it’s a nice, little thing new players can get from doing quests, etc.

  • Orb of Power from Chaos Orbs? Holy s***!!!

  • New banners is nice, although I’m apprehensive they’ll be stuck to that particular Team Slot, and so a little unwieldy to use

  • Two, small balance changes is more than I was expecting, so yay, and they seem fair

  • Removing Traitstones as the potential main drop of VIP keys is nice, since that’s always a kick in the guts/shins if you use them. A little push in the paid advantage direction, but VIP has needed some better bonuses for a while, so you do you.

  • The improved as rewards is a good thing, imo – finally, after oodles of well-reasoned points from @Mithran ages ago

  • The persistent exclamation mark (!) on the shrines will hopefully have more people complaining about the one on the rewarded ads, so maybe they can both get removed together :joy: and if not, then it’s not really a change from the status quo

  • Minor Arena adjustment – I will probably feel less begrudging when I play one round during an Arena of Valor event! Change the base Trophy rewards to something more useful, and I’d maybe even be tempted to play it of my own volition :scream::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • The Orbs of Growth → Treasures is ‘eh’, but whatever, as long as it didn’t take too long to develop that, I’m not too fussed

  • Better tutorials/opportunity to streamline it if you want is yay, as aspects of it have typically been a bit forceful

Not even mad :confused: weird :stuck_out_tongue:. I mean, yeah, not amazing or anything, but… I guess I’m hopeful more troops will get rebalanced, and there’s nothing that really makes me feel like the game’s taken any further worrying steps (kind of much of the same, in a particularly exacerbating way, I don’t think). I guess I hope it helps the game stay stable enough to make balance and QoL improvements? I guess that’s up to them, though, and the hook to keep us around.

Obviously I feel bad for the console players who are experiencing trouble accessing the game atm.


FAKE NEWS!!! 2 times in a row now when using heroism my game has crashed.

Edit: Make that 3 times in a row. :roll_eyes:


What platform are you playing on @fleg?

Xbox One X

All 3 times was when I know the orange room had the unlock scroll (due to guildmates scouting) so I use heroism scroll on boss room without doing the orange room at all.

Just crashed again this time using fireball on orange room. (containing unlock scroll)

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A small chance of power orb sounds like great news, unless of course they plan to release more than 1 boss troop per year in which case this buff to chaos orbs immediately cancels itself out and then some.


Did the Extra Turn use to hang around like this in Treasure Hunt before 5.3? Its making hard to see the moves. Playing the x4 speed, ofc.


Terrible update. You lost a vet player. This was the last straw. Why cater to only new players and p2w players?


Used Heroism on boss room without touching other rooms.

Platform: Steam

Been doing this for a few min so far. EDIT: Going on 10 min now with no change. Need to force close the game now.

EDIT AGAIN: I used a Fireball scroll to get unlock, and it crashed again.

Not fixed, extra broken.


I wonder if Chaos Orbs from non-shrine sources can do that … this is my dubious face.


The image above by @rojo is from ToD

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Major Orb of Chaos. Not just any orb.

This certainly makes leaderboards a wee bit more interesting, otherwise I’ll take the 1.5 Orbs of Power per year as an early Christmas present. :drooling_face:

Weekly: World events 2 vs Tower of Doom 1
Weekend: Raid, Invasion, Bounty 2 vs Arena, Vault, New Faction 0
Let’s just say 3 rolls per week.

The screenshot above shows one normal orb and one major orb -> chaos. So it must have been outside of shrines. And I doubt anyone would have filled a shrink that quickly, and paid the $ and received the 2 Major Orbs in the time since the update…

Let’s assume the 1% change for Orb of Power is taken from Orb of Growth, and nothing else in the chance table has been changed.

To put this into perspective, we can ignore the first 2 orbs.
Based on the assumption, Orb of Clans => Mythic chance hasn’t changed.

If we look at Orb of Power as essentially equal to 3 Orbs of Ascension (for future Soulforge purposes), then this is effectively a 20% buff to Major Orbs of Chaos, i.e. every Major Orb roll is now worth a statistical average of 0.18x Orb of Ascention instead of 0.15x.

Not counting smaller orbs of chaos, according to current schedule, weekly/weekend events** give about 150 Major Orbs of Chaos a year ~ 9 Orbs of Power, which would have been 7.5 before the 1% chance.

** Not counting Vault events that give a chance at Major Orbs from Vault Keys.


Same issue for me. Using Steam too. I lost to the boss so I decided to use the scroll. Been hanging at this screen since. About 7 minutes for me so far.