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5.3 Update

You’ve already levelled all 912 troops to gold elite?

Unless you have, the value of green orbs is saving on 54,720,000 souls…

Far far harder to acquire than epic treasures ( I did them all the hard way). Of course there is all the medals as well… :joy:

Green orbs are ten a penny. I upgrade weekly glory troop and all other new troops using green orbs and have done for the past 4 months and still have a net gain of them.

I suppose it’s a way of using the orbs so it’s possibly a net neutral addition. In fact it’s a surprising addition, so it’s good I guess :grinning:

It could lead to wisdom orbs being converted to doom forge scrolls in the next patch…


Well personally I earn souls much faster than medals so growth orbs don’t help with medalling

Wisdom to doom scrolls (or deed books) would be awesome but we can only dream on those :grin:

I’m in the same boat but — again — when I say I’m “short on treasures” I basically mean I don’t have Genie’s Lamps and Sacred Treasures. The three treasures at the lowest rarities don’t factor into my inventory because they’re never worth the gold expense.

Frankly, Crowns hardly are, too.

So that’s my problem.

If I could convert the same growth orbs, or even Wisdom orbs, into the treasures I actually want, then I’d completely agree that this would be a positive thing to add to the game.

But because I can’t make the treasures I want, there effectively hasn’t yet been, in my mind, “a recipe for treasures” as has been requested.

The request has yet to be fulfilled because I requested a car and got handed an engineless go-kart :man_shrugging:


Nobody should be using gold rings. King’s crowns on the other hand are useful.


5.40 preview!!


So it’s actually possible to quote an image. The hilarious, recent and well-liked original (I think) is here:


… I was getting ready to complain about my poor eyes after the first iteration of that image and then you did it again!



Only noticed this after update (and the corresponding redownload of all assets).
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Shrines are the next incarnation of FOMO. Thank your local battlepa$$ buyers for this. Additionally, this sounds on the surface like it’s uncapped…meaning you can fill the Shrine, buy it out, and repeat ad nauseum.

Add the fact that you can get Power Orbs now from Greater Chaos Orbs, and Greater Chaos Orbs come with every Shrine purchase (currently).

I believe this is the first incarnation of truly uncapped Orb purchases? You guys are really hunting those whales, aren’t you?

To constantly remind you that there’s something available for purchase. Like the stupid little floaty Gem that appears over the Shop button during Gem bonus buy events (no, they’re not sales).

The game is progressively nagging players more and more to spend money. That’s not going to change. We are no longer the target market. They’re actively fishing for the impulse purchase generation, or something.


So they are charging £8.99 for 75 War Coins, where did they come up with that price lol. You can buy an Indy game for that.


Okay this green ! on the shrine thing can go die in a fire. Why doesn’t it go away? Why won’t it go away!!!


Also another update that didn’t fix medals to not suck.

Every update that doesn’t fix medals is awful. That interface needs to die in a fire so a functional one can be implemented. Forget “fixing it”, it needs to be redone. It angers me on a regular basis. Especially right now.


I would like to know if we will have enough time to earn enough “free” warcoins to buy all the available warbands before they refresh them? If not then I guess we are at that stage of the games’ life where you MUST open your wallet to maintain complete collection. :-1:


Yeah still doing it to me on mobile too. Had to shut the game down twice now because of it!!! :rage:

Seeing as balance changes are possible once again, could you take a look at the issues with doomed blade and doomed club please? These were first raised over 2 years ago


I’m sure it will go away if you do what they want! :blush:

And once he finds the right studio to make his photographic essay, remember to not post the photos directly here, the forums are still PG-13.

Banners behind cash spend is ridiculous. Also, what synergy? The teams are not good at all.


I know nothing about coding.
So for $10 a month.
I’m gonna offer you all coding classes.
(That’s basically what you’re trying to offer with your “Warband teams”. Sorry to be the one to tell you this. But it’s not easy making great teams in Gems of War. And you certainly can’t do it without spending a good amount of time playing Gems of War.)


Newbie traps, honestly.