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5.3 Update out in the Amazon App Store

That sucks man.

Well hopefully Amazon’s mistake will just mean that the devs allow all the clients that have already approved the 5.3 Patch… Like Google and Steam…most likely Microsoft and maybe Sony… To start rolling out early as well… And then iOS users will just have to have to wait until iOS literally says okay.

It would be nice to have the QoL arena changes before an Arena weekend rather than right after. And I severely doubt they are waiting on pushing out the patch just for Saltys preview stream for 5 minutes Worth of content changes.

I can’t help but wonder… Given how many mistakes Infinity Plus 2 and 505 Games makes with Gems of War… How upset they are at Amazon right now for pushing the patch out earlier than planned.
But given how many typos are made on the forums a lone. I’m 90% sure Amazon was told the wrong date. 🤷
Sorry if that seems unfair… But that’s what track record earns you.

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Hello everyone! At this point we are still planning on releasing the other updates next week. We aren’t the ones that control the precise moment an update deploys, so we are looking into this issue now. We are also doing what we can to minimise any issues with Amazon being on the 5.3 Update early.

As mentioned above, be careful when using your account across an Amazon device and Steam, Android, or iOS. You will be locked out of your account that is unable to be on 5.3 after updating on an Amazong device and using your account on Amazon Fire. This isn’t something we believe we can fix prior to the 5.3 Update releasing next week on our other platforms, but if this changes we will let you know.


Can you please not release these updates on GWs weeks? Or am I asking for too much?


Since it’s already released for Amazon, delaying it for other devices will just punish players who accidentally already got the patch and can’t switch to another device.

I know some people loves their GWs, but as GW brackets are still broken for most guilds, meh. GW is a wasted week. Sorry GW lovers don’t kill me I love you I’m going to hide now bye.


Where possible we do our best to ensure updates aren’t released during GW weeks, but we don’t always have a choice.

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Thanks for the reply. Nothing much to say, if you can’t choose the update release dates.

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That was a general question actually, considering past incidents. It’s probably too late for this one.

Anyway, it’s ok to not like GWs, you don’t have to hide… unless you’re my opponent next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must be extra fun for those who paid for the ‘campaign’ pass, and now find themselves stuck in limbo, possibly unable to get their full rewards if they had postponed some tasks for whatever reason.

:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I thought the $600k gold for $20 was nuts when you need like 46 million to get tasks done.

They can still play.

Just only on that 1 Amazon device and not anything else.

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It’s either unfortunately Infinite Interactive, or the publisher 505 games. Amazon does allow setting the exact moment to deploy updates. If 505 is telling you otherwise, they are wrong.

How to set go live date and time

You start by completing the new app submission or the app update submission as you normally would, but make sure that you enter the date and time you want your app to go live in the Availability & Pricing section (see image below). Times are shown in Pacific Standard Time.


Now this is a very good change. Should make some part of people playing arena quite happy.

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As people start rerolling for better teams, they will start encountering stronger teams as well. Initial team assembly will be less frustrating, but I suspect that the overall experience will remain the same.

Sure, your own team will be stronger, but so is the enemy.

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A lot of the best Arena Troops are in the Ultra-Rare slot. Assuming the AI still has the UR troops slotted in 4th, the players should have the advantage.

That takes months to happen. Currently haven’t seen a single team made by players after 5.2 arena change. All seem to be ordered: Epic, common, rare, ultra rare. Almost like Epic was replacing hero with weapon on 1st slot. Also many times with Epic support troop in front…
When I see team with a human-made order, I might consider that 5.2 teams are starting to show up, until then i highly doubt there are any present…
That’s under the assumption, game does not change player made team order, and just takes what it was, but that might not be the case, and troop order might be hard coded…

I filled my Shrine yesterday and the 48 hour counter had started. Now if I open the Shrine this message is displayed: “This item is currently unavailable in your region. Please check back later.”

Most likely there has been a server-side fix turning off Shrines to prevent any (perceived) unfairness with some players getting 5.3 early. That seems sensible to me.

The message might also indicate that some consideration has been given to loot box legislation, and the feature can be turned off based on a player’s region.

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Opponent teams always get sorted this way, no matter how the player arranges them.


Is that a theory based on observation or was it clearly stated by DEVs (like Salty on steam etc.) ?

I doubt the devs that communicate with us would know. It’s a theory based on so many observations it would blow the minds of a lot of players if some screenshot disproving it would show up. Sort of like throwing a rock and having it fall towards the sky instead of towards the ground. :smile:

But you know, we live in XXI century and we can get answers easily…

Could you please ask DEVs, if troop order in Arena is Fixed ->
Troops always are ordered same way (Epic, Common, Rare, Ultra-rare), no matter what was the players troop order.
Of course if that not top secret knowledge :wink: