4X speed and trophies

After only 3 days, it is already very easy to notice that the new speed already has a huge impact on the top guilds and their performances.

Here is last week’s top 10:
(Like most of the top guilds, I think, I consider that the week starts at @actreal’s weekly reset, which is my reference.)

And here is the current top 10 of this week (I have checked the trophies about 10 hours ago).

So the guilds of the top 10 have made about as many trophies in 4 days and a half than in 7 days last week, even more for some of them.
The guilds that are not in the top 10 this week are not having a bad week, they are just doing their usual stuff.
On the contrary the new speeds have allowed guilds that we rarely or never see in the top 10 to perform much better than usual.

Typically all the top guilds make a huge amount of trophies on Monday, slow down a little on Tuesday, and are much lower the rest of the week - except on the rare occasions when a guild pushes the whole week for a specific reason.
This week looks completely different. Many guilds have an even higher peak on Wednesday or Thursday.
On a normal week, Intrim, Marshal and Anonymous should have made about 3-4K trophies on Wednesday-Thursday and the other guilds about 2-2.5K. Most of the guilds are much higher than that.

The 4X speed makes a huge difference. Trophies are gained incredibly much faster thanks to it.
And along with trophies comes a huge increase of the gain of ressources, which can’t be measured.

However it seems obvious that the guilds and users who play on mobile currently have a huge disadvantage.
If the 4x speed takes too long to come on mobile, the gap between the guilds who mostly use PC and the others is going to widen very fast. And I expect some of the top guilds to adjust their req to the new performances quite soon.


I actually am currently playing on mobile and i can feel the pain. People are getting things done faster and I’m left chewing dust. Unity needs to come fast to mobile


I know I am doing a lot more PvP this week due to the event which also might be playing into these figures.

But I will agree with you that because of the speed increase this event is no where near as onerous as I thought it was going to be when the week started.

See my whine thread here:

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Would you rather it be done fast with potential bugs or done right and thoroughly tested?


We have not planned on changing our trophy req prior to mobile update. Many of us, myself included, play solely on mobile from home. We have others that predominantly play mobile as well. There’s a staggering disparity in rankings that’s easily noticeable among users that play PC and mobile. Usually I’m active enough to be sitting in the top 100 and currently am barely in the top 20k…it doesn’t help that on mobile the servers were very unstable if not unplayable for many earlier this week post update.


And waiting until everything was ready for everyone?

That was the best thing to do!


This is not just a simple patch it is a complete rewrite of the code. From a implementation perspective this makes sense and is best to do this in a phased approach.

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From what little I browsed on global today before phone died, allegedly there’s a new exploit being used that might skew the results this week independent of the 4x speed.

I would prefer it comes without bugs. But looking at how much work the devs are putting in to make sure this doesn’t happen on mobiles makes me think this will be relatively bug free

I think people are also playing more because it’s a lot less boring at x4 speed.
Taking x4 speed out now for pc would be a really bad move imo, as you have now shown us how much fun it is, and taking that away might be eniugh reason for quite a few to quit…

But yeah… 1 card elspeth defense got taken out after a week of higher usage then normal, due to to much resource gain.

This is way worse, as everyone is doing it…

So I’m dreading monday

There has already been PVP events and they generate an increase of activity, it is true. But nothing compared to what we see this week.

And it’s still best to give avantage to everyone but the mobile players, the ones who pays the more?

And that’s the best to break the unity between mobile and pc?

That’s so wrong that they should make 3 categories on this forum: consoles, pc, mobile.

And look at the new guilds leaderboards because of that error some are gaining a too big advantage.

And when that was the payers with the 1 troop defense they were happy to correct it but here? Nothing!

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