4x astral spirit with 25% boost


So there is a bug currently on xbox, the weekly event got 25% boost instead of 10%

So some smart ass decided to abuse the bug and put 4x astral spirit she hit 31 true damage on first troop and start full mana

Since i am already tired to see them i will tell you a great team to destroy them and hope people will remove it from defense

Drake rider

Blue green flag

Happy hunting everyone!!!


PS4 is 10% centaur and 10% divinion fields.


Ok look like xbox only bug then


Still seeing lots of Astral Spirit teams anyway.


Astral Spirits are Divinion Fields so that’s ok :smiley:


Yeah 20% is ok but 50% is annoying :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember 4x astral spirit on PC. Each could one hit a troop and they all started with full mana… skipped most games. But good luck to all @Xbox.


Have you seen the green snot stone event rewards? They are shit and its gonna take ages to complete it this week.


Well im almost done with it lol


Well matey, this time tomorrow it will be “Devour central” if the impervious bug is in our xbox update :pray::trophy::pray: