#49 Dominant Recruiting - 500k/1500s/500t (40k/Legendary) [30/30]

Dominant is Currently Recruiting

Updated 3-28-17

Members: 29/30
Guild Level: 232
Guild Ranking: 55 (Gaining 5-10 Ranks per Week)
Daily Gold Bonus: 300%
Average Trophies: 20k per week (Around Rank 6 in Trophy Production)
Average Seals: 40k per week
Desired Requirements: 500k Gold, 1500 Seals and 500 Trophies
(See Guild Ranking System Below)

Guardians and Active Bonus’

Red Guardian
Fire Mastery: +84
Tribute Chance Bonus: 5%
Attack Bonus: +3 (8 Days Remaining)

Blue Guardian
Water Mastery: +77
XP Bonus: 35%
Armor Bonus: +4 (4 Days Remaining)

Green Guardian
Nature Mastery: +76
Map Turns Bonus: +4
Life Bonus: +4 (6 Days Remaining)

Yellow Guardian
Air Mastery: +74
Tribute Amount Bonus: 7%
Life Bonus: +4 (6 Days Remaining)

Purple Guardian
Magic Mastery: +78
Souls Bonus: 35%
Magic Bonus: +2 (8 Days Remaining)

Brown Guardian
Earth Mastery: +74
Glory Bonus: +1
Armor Bonus: +4 (7 Days Remaining)

We complete all tasks each week and Legendary Tasks after that are based on how much people contribute. Usually 7+ is a safe bet.

Guild Ranking System

Ranks change every Saturday based on participation. Rank Requirements are on a sliding scale to continue to challenge members and also to filter out less active players over time. When you achieve a Rank, you will stay that Rank until the next Saturday when participation is re-evaluated and Rank Requirements are updated. Sunday if you are a Wyrmling and have not spoken to me as to why you can not participate you will be replaced.

Current Requirement: Anything less than Wyvern Knight Requirements
Explanation: If you are in this rank on the weekend then you are about to be kicked from the Guild. Failure to meet the minimum requirements will only be excused if you have spoken to me in Guild chat regarding the reason you are unable to participate. You will be moved to the rank of Knight if you have been excused from requirements.

Wyvern Knight
Current Requirement: 400k / 1500s / 300t
Explanation: This Rank is mainly for members that have been Grandfathered in under previous recruitment requirements. The requirements for this rank will slowly increase over time and can be considered the bare minimum required to stay in the guild. Members on leave or who are new also sit here.

Drake Lord
Current Requirement: 550k / 1500s /500t
Explanation: This Rank is where most members should sit as this is the desired range for members. If you join, I expect to see you in this rank or better on a regular basis.

Dragon Prince
Current Requirement: 1mil / 1500s /1000t
Explanation: This Rank is for the more competitive members. All three requirements must be met to achieve this rank. The requirements will continue to increase based on participation in order to limit the number of members in this Rank. (You receive Dark Green Text in Guild Chat)

Dragon King
Current Requirement: Become Guild Leader
Explanation: This position is currently filled.

Other Things

We expect all members to be active in Guild Chat and post any Redeemable Codes that are seen with a time stamp for other members.

We also have Discord for those of you who wish to use voice chat. Guild Ranks do unlock privileges in Discord as well. Discord

I do recruit regularly so please do not concern yourself with the participation of other Guild Members. All members not maintaining an active presence or meeting basic requirements will be replaced.

If you wish to bring a friend into the Guild, please discuss it with me and when an opening occurs I will give them priority.

If you wish to join the guild, but the current status is full, please leave a note here on the forums and I will add your name to a waiting list.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this if you did and have a great day!

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Your requirements seem to be aligned with ours. Our guild leader stopped playing sometime ago and now we are struggling against the flow. We are Sir Brendan, Squiggles chicken and Blackmow. Please only invite if room for all three.

I have room for three. I will invite.

I need your invite codes

I think the others are the names in previous post.

PC tablet?

The others are same as names provided, but all caps.

Yes, and it says you are in another guild.

Looking for more


My friend and I are looking for a Guild. Our previous guild was also at a 110% bonus but the leader was inactive and not enough people were contributing.

We’re both around Level 100 (although I was actually at Level 200 before but had my game erased and am back.)

We’ll be regular gold, seal and trophy contributors.

Anyway our invite codes are NORF and BADACLAVA 1. Hope we can join your guild!


Still need more active members.

Hello I would like to join your guild. I am active and play every day. My code is BOYCEDESIGNS

Thank you

Sounds good, but it says you are in a guild.

Oh I didn’t know I had to be out of one to receive an invite. I will leave it now and look for your invite. Thank you!

The invite has been sent.

Accepted. Thank you! This is great…the last guild I was in wasn’t very active.

hey if you still have openings would love to contribute, invite code : TABOO

Invite sent

I’m a member from Honour’s Blade I’m not happy in my guild the leader is inactime and members not planning for long time . I’m lv345 my kinds lv10 I have lots$ my guild is#156 if u are close to this# let me know I will lived my guild my inviting code is MOMMY Thanks

Our guild is currently closer to 1000 than 100. We have been bumping up about 100 ranks per week or so. Our members are active and I do actively monitor the activity in the guild.