4 Team bonuses?

If you setup a team with 4 team bonuses do they all work even though only 3 display? If not then what determines which ones are selected for a fight?

I can’t remember my setup exactly, but I managed 3 troops of one type, 3 of another, and all from one kingdom, they were also all the same mana colour, leading to 4 possible bonuses. Only 3 were displayed, I left the page, and came back to a different one displaying. Does this mean it just picks a random 3 from the 4?

I believe all team bonuses works just fine.

Something like this? My team here has 5 team bonuses and all are active.

Though on PC, you can’t slide to right to see all the bonuses. But it’s all there.

Here’s on mobile where you can slide to the right to see all the team bonuses that affects the team.

As you can see my Hellcat has same stats, means all bonuses are active. It just doesn’t display all bonuses on PC when you check the bonuses tab

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That’s amazing, I thought 4 bonuses was hard to set up. I couldn’t tell if they were all being applied but that sounds promising! :slight_smile:

That opens up the possibility for other teams that sync together, although it does seem a 4+4 bonus is better if possible.

Here’s my normal Hellcat stats

All 4 team bonuses gave it +5 attack and +2 life so yeah all team bonuses are working just fine.

Brilliant! I’ll have to look through my team setup, I’m sure I had a 4+4+3+ mana bonus on one team.
Thanks for clarifying!

Hey @lemming3k,

As @ZooKeeper mentioned, the bonuses should all be applying correctly. On the PC (Unity) version , instead of displaying ALL bonuses at the same time, they should actually fade between all different bonuses, so as Zookeeper has shown in their images, it will show the first 3 bonuses, then a few seconds later will fade out and fade in the last 2 bonuses. This should happen on the Troop Card screen as well as the Bonuses screen.