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4 stars kingdoms not working

on xbox when i level up a kingdom from 3 stars to 4, the total income dont change. I should have 4490 but its stuck at 4190. Once I noticed that, I leveled 2 more kingdoms from 3 to 4 stars and the total income remains blocked at 4190. But on the right, it display correctly the change for the specific kingdom (145 to 195).

edit: I have now exactly 6 kingdoms at 4 stars and Im missing 300 gold in the overall income total (4190 in place of 4490) So it seems that the 50 gold bonus for 4 stars kingdoms only apply/work when the kingdom reach 5 stars because I receive correctly the 50 gold bonus from my 5 stars kingdoms.


Now I can 100% confirm this bug. I just leveled ghulvania from 4 to 5 stars and now I receive the 50 gold bonus for 4 stars. My total income changed from 4190 to 4240. That should happen when reaching 4 stars not 5.
So to resume: 3 stars double the tribute chance, 4 stars give nothing and 5 stars give double skill bonus AND 50 gold bonus.

@Alpheon @Andrew

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Sorry, thanks for taking the time out to let us know about this. we shall investigate the cause of this :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: