4.8 Update (Patch Notes)

Players: Please fix the Orbweaver class

Devs: Cool, we’ve nerfed Sunspear


The new medals are really uggly…
Sunspear’s trait: Press F to pay respects.


The only good thing about sunspear was taken away … frustrating that its now another useless class, down from semi-useless


Thank you.

The sunspear nerf is complete shite. One of the more fun classes has just had its final hurrah. So now we need to kill with eg infernus before firestorm runs out in order to keep it going. That’s my red attack ruined then. Thanks a bunch. Oh here’s an idea @kafka. …why don’t one of you guys go and “see” if the renown bug remedies with more points. Try a sunspear team by all means. Disgusted at this


It’s missing +4 magic (lore wise)


We did :slight_smile: the achievement updated automatically for us, so getting a bit more renown should update it for players with any issue with it not udpating automatically ::slight_smile:

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Didn’t work unfortunately, but thanks for the suggestion.

So the game is clogged with useless classes and you now change an existing half decent one to useless. Well done.


Devs, we like it when you listen to player feedback, but please learn to realize that some feedback is downright awful. You took the wrong lesson from that Sunspear thread anways, the talents are the problem.


I was leveling Sunspear, but nahh since they made it not great anymore. Whats next? Titan? The really bad classes need a fix not the good.


This update has a bunch of cool stuff and one unpopular Sunspear change. Maybe the change can be reverted later. I feel like the excitement to pitchforks ratio in this thread is way off.

I’m leery of weekend Invasion guild requirements, but we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for the update!

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Yay Phoenicia also nerfed, per account of Sunspear. Like dudessss sunspear weapon it so bad too.


Many of the previous renown achievements unlocked retroactively without input. what happened here?

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That’s incorrect. There is a very big difference between the two. If you are an attacking team with Firestarter and the defending team has Nature’s Auro you will start the match with a green storm. Sunspear’s 3rd trait would allow you to have a red storm in that same situation.

Please acknowledge you made a mistake and put it back ASAP!


Clearly the devs MO is to suck any fun out of the game. This is what happens when players whinge about stuff. Dragon eye started a precedent and it’s gonna be all downhill hereon out. But hey…here’s another empowered troop that nobody wants to compensate. If as Salty suggests with the old “as intended” word salad regarding sunspear then why did it get the nerf when Kingdom classes are almost complete?


I just got the new “Tis the Season” achievement, which supposedly requires me to equip a Medal of Seasons I don’t own. Bugged, I presume?

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The Steam achievement 'Tis the Season bugged that way for me. I just earned it even though I don’t own a Medal of Seasons.

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Were you a part of the beta? If so, it’s correct.

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same, I hadn’t noticed it until Fourdottwoone posted