4.6 Forced Update Incoming (And Explore Difficulty Fix)

Ahoy adventurers, we will shortly be pushing the forced update to make sure everyone is playing on 4.6 for Guild Wars.

Please be aware that there is an issue affecting some of our Android users when connecting their accounts to Google Play. You can read more about this issue here.

If you experience any problems accessing the game please let us know! As far as we are aware there is only an issue with Gems of War syncing to Google Play, especially in regards to achievements, so if you can’t play the game please provide us with more infromation so we can investigate further.

Alongside this forced update, we have a fix for the old higher difficulty settings carrying over from Casual PVP or the Vault to explore.

Thanks team!


Hey at least there wasn’t any knee jerk overeaction nerfs.
Devs, we wanted to see the token 75% less often in runs. Not 75% more useless as a medal.
What was once was…

Is now nevermore.

Oh wait…status effects slow down players in PvP. You know the 1k players that will still do PvP beyond tier 1.

Ahhh now the quick nerf makes sense.

4.6 was such a good will update to. Unfortunate.


It was a nice update indeed: the worst part about GoW, is not GoW.

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The nerf to cedrics medal was needed, it’s % chance was way too high and it was literally the only one people were equipping when they had it. It was quickly making status effects pointless in PvP. Now we just need a buff to the other +to stat medals to make them more viable.


So what. It was far better than spending an extra few minutes on a battle because you were entagled, web, frozen or silenced.

Hope you enjoy spending 5+ turns with annoying status effects on level 500 delves or in raids, invasions, ToD etc.


Well, it was fun while it lasted :joy:

It had to be done. As it was, the medal basically made status effects useless in end game, it had to be nerfed. Though, I have to say, the extent of the nerf makes me wonder, what happened there? I read it as a “yeah, this is baaad, we f-ed up”. How did they miss how terrible for the game it was as originally released?


PvP Defenses are pointless in the first place.
Did you know that if I beat your defense. And you face my defense, then you have a high chance of getting a Revenge match that gives you double the gold for winning against than normal?


Yeah… It gave us help with the already completely shit pure Faction teams. But hey let’s worry about the PvP that barely anyone will play anymore.


WHY was it 40% down to 10%? Why not at least 30% or 20?
How have the team even had time to think about and decide 10% was a good number when you’ve only been back at work 1 day this week?? Boggles the mind


Next fix: revenge battles now give correct gold amount /s


Indeed: did they? :thinking::sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

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Hardly enough time to even think about it but was this tested at all @Saltypatra?


Well, at first i wasn’t even gonna bother with getting the medals because it’s yet another grind in this game. Then a friend told me how fun the new Cedric medal was so i got them and had a good time, but now I’m back to where i started, useless / won’t even bother.


Well yeah. That’s why PvP is getting revamped. They’ve known about it for years. Just didn’t want to bother recoding it to remove it.

Any chance that the medal can work as it was created on a pure faction team when doing a delve?
Or at least get a significant +x% boost when in delves


I read that as “Hey, I can’t get the fire going in my fireplace! Let’s set the living room on fire, that will fix my very important issue!” :crazy_face:

Declawing status effects drastically changes the game. That was obviously not the desired effect.

So does empowered converters but they haven’t been changed. This use to be a match 3 game but with empowered converters and the right troops it’s quite possible to win on your first turn and never match any gems.

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40% to 10% is a little drastic…

Edit: 10% in this game usually rounds down to 0% :stuck_out_tongue:


More than constantly implementing measures to keep players from doing ranked PVP?

I can’t recall a single time where I lost a match because of a status effect in PVP. But I can tell you where I constantly lost because the AI “recovers” in every aspect of the game a lot higher than the player does. Ranked PvP is like 10% of the game now?
We should also get all those new fan dangled automotives off the road. They really spook the horses on the carriages of those still using them.


Reading the in game mail that just arrived make me think this was just a mistake. They did not intend 3 medals to apply the cleanse chance 3 times, only once. This is the only way the extent of the nerf makes sense.

For what it’s worth, I’d much rather see that implementation - let the medal have a 40% chance of cleanse, but only roll it once. Add a limit “can only equip one at a time” and we’re good.