4.5 Datamined Rewards

Challenge Tier Rewards:

  • Tier 1 has a base Troop level of 5, a per-battle reward of 50 Souls, and a tier reward of 500 Souls
  • Tier 2 has a base Troop level of 12, a per-battle reward of 25 Glory, and a tier reward of 250 Glory
  • Tier 3 has a base Troop level of 20, a per-battle reward of 1000 Gold, and a tier reward of 10000 Gold
  • Tier 4 has a base Troop level of 30, a per-battle reward of 5 Minor (???) Traitstones, and a tier reward of 3 Arcane Traitstones
  • Tier 5 has a base Troop level of 40, a per-battle reward of 1 Gem Key, and a tier reward of 3 Event Keys
  • Tier 6 has a base Troop level of 50, a per-battle reward of 2 Ultra-Rare Ingots, and a tier reward of 3 Epic Ingots
  • Tier 7 has a base Troop level of 75, a per-battle reward of 10 Chaos Shards, and a tier reward of 100 Chaos Shards
  • Tier 8 has a base Troop level of 100, a per-battle reward of 20 Jewels, and a tier reward of 10 Diamonds
  • Tier 9 has a base Troop level of 150, a per-battle reward of 1 Legendary Ingot, and a tier reward of 2 Mythic Ingots
  • Tier 10 has a base Troop level of 200, a per-battle reward of 15 Chaos Shards, and a tier reward of 150 Chaos Shards

Kingdom Troop Rewards:


Sword’s Edge

  • R: Wolf Knight
  • UR: Knight Coronet
  • E: Sir Gwayne

Leonis Empire

  • R: The Devoted
  • UR: Wandering Monk
  • E: Pride Guard


  • R: Hippocampus
  • UR: Coral Golem
  • E: Mantis Shrimp

Glacial Peaks

  • R: Winter Knight
  • UR: Frost Lizard
  • E: Ice Golem


  • R: Valkyrie
  • UR: Berserker
  • E: Zephyros

Drifting Sands

  • R: Djinn
  • UR: Sandrunner
  • E: Ifrit


  • R: Pirate
  • UR: Dragon Turtle
  • E: Bonnie Rose


  • R: Dwarven Zombie
  • UR: Bonebinder
  • E: Griff Stonefeather

Broken Spire

  • R: Fire Lizard
  • UR: Stone Giant
  • E: Terraxis


  • R: Deep Borer
  • UR: Apothecary
  • E: Lord Ironbeard


  • R: Urskatyr
  • UR: Urskayan Blue
  • E: Yaga’s Hut

Forest of Thorns

  • R: Dryad
  • UR: Vine Marten
  • E: Green Seer

Bright Forest

  • R: Summer Knight
  • UR: Cat Sith
  • E: Shimmerscale


  • R: Goblin Shaman
  • UR: Goblin Rocket
  • E: Nobend Brothers

Maugrim Woods

  • R: Ranger
  • UR: Druid
  • E: Fenrir


  • R: Dark Maiden
  • UR: Giant Spider
  • E: Tomb Spider


  • R: Wight
  • UR: Settite Warrior
  • E: Necrezza


  • R: Dark Master
  • UR: Sister of Shadows
  • E: Night Hag


  • R: Elven Bard
  • UR: Unicorn
  • E: Arcanus


  • R: Banshee
  • UR: Grave Knight
  • E: Morthani’s Will


  • R: Acolyte
  • UR: Sacrificial Priest
  • E: Green Slime

Blighted Lands

  • R: Hellhound
  • UR: Twisted Hero
  • E: Hellcat

Mist of Scales

  • R: Poison Master
  • UR: Lamia
  • E: Marilith


  • R: Cyclops
  • UR: Drake Rider
  • E: Fel’Dras

Dragon’s Claw

  • R: Dragonette
  • UR: Dragonian Monk
  • E: Couatl


  • R: Rex Warrior
  • UR: Rakshanin
  • E: Shadow-Hunter

Sin of Maraj

  • R: Envy
  • UR: Gluttony
  • E: Pride

Wild Plains

  • R: Soothsayer
  • UR: Gorgon
  • E: Wild Fang


  • R: Paladin
  • UR: Bishop
  • E: Grand Inquisitor


  • R: Heronath
  • UR: Wind Archer
  • E: Strygik

Pan’s Vale

  • R: Siren
  • UR: Blade Dancer
  • E: Sylvasi

Divinion Fields

  • R: Star Gazer
  • UR: Herdmaster
  • E: Bul’Tauros


  • R: Alchemist
  • UR: Flame Cannon
  • E: Tankbot 2000


  • R: Spellblade
  • UR: Diviner
  • E: Crimson Arrow

Thank you for sharing this

Quick totals:

14,450 glory
578,000 gold
102 epic ingots
14,450 chaos shards
340 diamonds
4,760 jewels

(And other stuff that’s not really worth mentioning for most players.)

Any bit helps with Diamonds, although the numbers are a little disappointing there.

The amount of glory you get is about enough for a week or two of Glory troops.

I really like the Epic Ingots! You only get enough to upgrade 3 weapons across all kingdoms, but it still helps a lot.

Chaos Shards are probably the best part. Completing every kingdom gives enough Chaos Shards to ascend two kingdoms to Mythic. Pretty sweet if you ask me.


It’s indeed Minor Traitstones.

There’s at least one change to kingdom Power Star tasks: task 3 for 6-star. Are we able to extract the text templates for all the tasks and Power rewards?

Another thing to mention for totals; there’s also 238 Gem Keys and 102 Event Keys up for grabs.

EDIT: Note that if you’re done with your Ultra-Rare weapons, you can use the Soulforge on the Ultra-Rare ingots you get, resulting in a total of 47 extra Epic Ingots, for a total of 149, or slightly more than 4 Epic weapons.

As for the Kingdom Power Star change, we don’t have confirmation on that yet.

For all the work, the rewards are quite underwhelming

For Switch players, I noticed that we got three previously unreleased troops: Sandrunner (Drifting Sands), Urskayan Blue (Urskaya), and Shimmerscale (Bright Forest). Notable, because that’s almost a month’s worth of events that will could be skipped.

I wonder if “the events will be skipped” or “they forgot the Switch version hadn’t had those events yet”?

They’ve skipped events in the past, so I’d imagine they’ll just skip those events too.

Switch will never properly catch up if they can’t skip events, so they’ll skip the less important ones, i.e. those.

Are these events without weapons? (No). What happens to the new weapons, then? Troops can easily be added to chest pools, etc.

Unfortunately the GoW team seems to be a bit less sympathetic with players on weapons - I’d guess they’ll be banished to flash offer/soul forge hell.

(The weapons are Crystal Axe (monsters), Razorclaw (Urskayans), and Summer Aegis (Bright Foresters), all mix-type weapons. I wouldn’t mind owning these, but can also see the argument that they are not essential to player progression.)

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I guess it could be said it’s at least the same for all Switch players? :man_shrugging: So yeah, I guess that argument could make sense. Still a little sad.

Can you check if they’re shown in Unowned Weapons, and let us know if they show up in the Soulforge in their respective weeks?

I checked and they’re not in unowned weapons.

It’s possible that they may still run the events. It would be weird that the glory troop that week would already be owned by most players, but I guess it would be alright? (since half the time you buy the troop for the traitstones anyway)

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Does anyone have a listing of what Jewels are located in specific kingdoms?

Check the kingdom Deeds under the kingdom level to see what color the kingdom it is. Whatever color it is, will have that color jewel in the challenges. Like blue for Glacial Peaks will offer Sapphire Jewels in it’s challenges.