4.3 Update (Patch Notes)

sooo… TINA has not been fixed, as promised… but apparently the devs are not willing to give us an answer to this topic…

but, hey, instead of we get some fancy shit like new shiny MVP screen, Guild Wars not showing opponents beforehand and - last, but not least - the honor system…

Don’t you want to be reminded who your gem exploder was after every match?


You forgot the osom Emoji’s that make those animated ones cb53b32b8ec54728436b40013124d3401467384118 i had 20 years ago on low budget chineses/koreans mmorpg look lame!

Oh wait, is actually other way around…

I would love that, actually. I am so tired of getting the same small pool of people.

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I’m on iOS and update isn’t live yet, same for others on iOS in my guild, is the developers aware of this @Cyrup @Kafka @Sirrian @Saltypatra

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My theory - they failed certification and won’t admit it.


Thanks @RiverSong good to see you’re still active here

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The 12 step program didn’t work; still addicted to brown things.


Lol (10 characters (damn that’s still a thing)

This is exactly my theory too. It’d go over much better if they’d be honest, because if true it means we might not even see 4.3 come Friday. It’d be a lot better to set player expectations ahead of time instead of letting players get more and more disillusioned.

This is a game fueled by FOMO. An entire platform’s missing out.

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can we please reduce the text size beyond “small” for the new chat UI?
for me personally the new chat UI is not usable because you can only see 6 lines of chat at once, this makes things incredibly hard to follow if several people are talking. compared to the lite version where you can see ~3x(~21) lines of chat at once.

now i realize this may be different per platform/screen. i am playing on PC at 1920x1080

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To be fair…

I had a wait almost a month longer to get the patch so that it could be released on all platforms (except the Switch :thinking:) at the same time.
So if iOS and only iOS gets actually delayed that will truly be some new emoji :poop:

Honestly Imo this update serves no purpose.I am not here to make friends and could care less if you like me or not. Also the time between pvp now is a joke. I wanna play not keep hitting buttons to get past useless screens. Thanks


Make the level 100 delve portraits retroactive, or add a damn level select which should have been available from day 1, you’re punishing everyone who is stuck at 500.


Also, since Tina wasn’t fixed, can I get an option to un- update? Because 4.3 does nothing for me then. (I’ll update when I need to recruit and a working chat to do it with.)

It sucks. Yes.
But if you clear it at 500 you still unlock it.
Luckily, I was at 90 yesterday when 4.3 dropped for HoG.
Otherwise, I grinded (truly) through 4 Factions last night before I said F it for now. Lol

Done :smiley:
Make new ones now


I’d like to voice a complaint. When I cast my peasant now, he just drops his pitchfork and goes running away, screaming, “Those are DRAGONS you idiots! HIDE!!!”
No, really. It’s a thing.
I came here to say I like the update. Lagatha’s death is a blessing to recruiters. We need to be able to talk to each other. After all, this is a social game that we play as a guild. Just my two cents.


Why was Tribute Chance and Tribute Rewards nerfed in 4.3?
I couldn’t see any patch note about this.
Pre 4.3 Whitehelm gave me 38% and 71 Reward.
Post 4.3 Whitehelm gives me 32% and 65 Reward.
Kingdom level is the same as before, so what happened?

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