4:3 resolutions?

As tech support told to me, absense of 4:3 resolution is not a bug, but missing feature, so I must ask here. Well, I’ll do. :expressionless:

Old engine had two types of resolutions: 3:4 (full art for cards and background), and 16:9 (cropped up/down parts). Ratio was automatic, basing on your monitor settings (I discovered it when started game at work, where I have old 3:4 monitor). It was impossible to change screen ratio in-game.

Current engine haven’t this problem. It always scales to 16:9, regardless of monitor. (I can use 3:4 resolution - it simply will have black lines at upper/bottom parts). So every screen now cropped. sigh

So I am humble asking: can I ask for the return of 3:4 resolution? I like game art, and while it’s not game breaking, I would be glad to see it fully, not cropped as now.

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If you’re not playing in fullscreen, then you can just drag the window borders to crop off the black bars. Set whatever resolution makes the gameplay area look good to you, then drag the bottom window border upwards until the bars are gone.

It seems, I am not clear enough. Sorry. Let me try to rephrase my reply.

Game graphic assets (backgrounds and units) was made with 4:3 resolution in mind. It’s obvious when you can match it side-to-side - all 16:9 screens are cropped.

But in current state it is simply no 4:3 resolution. I had to use 16:9. I can truncate idle parts, of course, having 16:9 in result. But why? I want 4:3, it’s better! (Also, it’s better suit my monitor, but it’s minor issue :slight_smile: