30 hours with no gems or war :(

one minute im in the top 10 pvp, chuging away nice, chilling away in a lower guild, thought oh i will play my guild wars… won 1st won 2nd, wond 3rd then server problems warning… reboot internet connection just in case its mine, restart game… it wont… try a hour later… it wont…12 hours later… nope cant even play the bloody game, go bed wake up this morning, and nope down again, ticket sent in, but im still waiting. it seems other members of “the black sheep” guild are having issues… and its either my user name or the guild thats causing it as i can play the game with another profile.
and almost a year to the day i started playing the dam game…

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Based on your other thread on the subject, this sounds like an account-specific issue. I suggest you open a support ticket to get unstuck. Pinging @Saltypatra though as she might be able to expedite things.

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It def. Seems to have had something to do with GW because I can log in on another random.account and play BUT that account can’t do GW. Saints did the exact same thing as yours and mine while fighting in the GW All of a sudden Flippin servery error. Loops as if everyone fighting on our team is stuck on same 3-0. I did let them know you were I top 10 and this long without playing is crazy!

Hi @Dazaster1, are you able to attempt to log in again? We made a change that should hopefully fix your issue.


Working now thanks