⭐ [30/30] Hoguns Legionnaires - Event and gold based guild. 500k+event reqs

Hoguns Legionnaires is a part of our family of Hoguns guilds. This one concentrates on completing all tasks, legendary tasks, and finishing all event rewards.

The only requirements are:

500k gold

100 towers

5k boss damage

20 dooms

The guild is perfect for those who have finished putting gold into their kingdoms and are ready to reap the rewards that the events have to offer. We have all three guilds in one discord server, so you get perspectives from members of all walks of life and experience.

Please join our discord server if you are interested in joining. This really is a wonderful opportunity for players looking for that next step in their GoW career.

Hoguns Legionnaires Discord server here: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6

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Hi everyone, please join this great guild which is a part of a very large family. The Hoguns family of guilds has been around for a very, very long time and the family has a lively discord channel with a wealth of knowledge. Weather you are looking for a guild to grow with, or have a lot of gold but would rather not be made to do weekly events this guild is for you.

p.s. Being a tech guy I’ve created discord bots for Hoguns and many private websites for our members too. (just thought I would toss that out in case you like that kind of thing)


I’ve been a member of the Hoguns family for over a year and a half now. I’ve made many really good friends and learnt so much.

If want a guild that completes all tasks and many LT but hates doing raids/invasions or grinding out trophies then Hoguns Legionnaires is for you.

The discord bots and private websites Taran mentioned are amazing I couldn’t imagine playing GoW without them.


Hello Guys!
I’ve been a part of the Hoguns Family for a bit myself, working as a Recruiter.
Its a tough job, but I can tell you this : These people make it feel like I was on a permanent vacation :wink:
Friendly atmosphere, tons upon tons of valuable info and much more.
If you are looking for a well performing but stress-free guild, this is the place.
Hope to see you soon!


Young Hoguns testimony…

I have been playing this game for just over a year now.
I joined the Hoguns family four months ago as my first Guild hopping ever.
I can easily foresee it will also be my last…

Promises were met: fun, friendship, advice, support, information, rewards (I have NOT missed a single new Mythic or Legendary since I joined), etc.

Hoguns Legionnaires will give you all that and more without the stress of weekly grinding requirements (other than Gold) with the option to eventually step up the Hoguns family ladder if you are and feel ready for it.

Come and join the party!


As a veteran Hoguns member, I can definitely vouch for the usefulness of Taran’s tech skills as well as the friendly camaraderie of the Hoguns family. We have fun and we get things done!

Legionnaires is the newest member of our family with only a single gold req. Joining a good guild with a relatively easy req is the best way to enjoy the game. Join before the coveted spots are gone!


As a two year Hogun veteran, I can say for certain that Hoguns is my home and my family. Hoguns is filled with good people, strong values, and a passion for this game. And Hoguns Legionnaires is a great place to join into our family with only a gold requirement necessary. Don’t hesitate to stop by our discord if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Still recruiting?

Yes, please use our discord and we’ll chat more there. Thanks. :smiley:

Gobby opened his eyes from a dream that seemed unending disillusioned that he had been asleep from his travels for only a short while.
“It seems years had passed as I have slumbered.” He spoke aloud, all too aware of the absurdity of his thoughts…
“Somehow this world seems bigger. How can 2 years pass within a 5 hour slumber?” His spoken thoughts echoed amongst the trees. “Could this dream have been an omen? Of a future yet to come?” Gobby struggled to reason with his thoughts, a poor Nature Goblin with an affinity for Fire tried to make sense of a chaotic dream, one full of horsemen and the ancient High King Goblin Named Irongut. An ominous wind sent a chill down Gobby’s spine, some how he knew the horrors in these dreams would come to pass, and if Irongut made his return, wether he would give aid to Zaejis’s cause would be left unclear. Gobby knew he would need to seek aid from someone with a much better view of the future, but didn’t know where this person made his home.
As Gobby tried to recall from his visions a means to quell the oncoming calamity, he spied a piece of parchment that had appeared to dance as it was pushed along by a breeze.
“Hoguns seeks warriors to resist coming war.” Gobby read from the flyer then he remembered stories of a Guild of legend, what started as a group of misfits trying to turn the tide of a conflict long resolved has grown to a lead resistance warriors hellbent on leaving a mark on the world. In but a moment fragments of the dream came flooded into him. “I’m to aid Hoguns at the forefront of the coming war…” He knew he wasn’t quite ready to contribute so much to a struggle he was unprepared for. “…I remember… Legionnaires, Paladins, I can Grow there, and be ready when the time comes.” Gobby pondered for a moment knowing his task at hand was not yet complete. “I’ll do what needs to be done, and find strong fighters along the way to lend their aid to the cause. The plan is still to head to Adana to seek aid and guidance to quell Zaejin’s struggle with the Spire…” He resolved out loud. “I’ll save Zaejin, then seek out Hoguns to prepare for a greater War soon to come, and by then, I’ll have friends with me, and together, we’ll move mountains.”
And with that declaration Gobby gathered his gear and set out deeper into the forest of Pan’s Vale. He would accomplish his goals, and bring as many as he could to prepare for the war. Only time will tell who he would find along the way… perhaps just maybe… it’ll be YOU

(For those who need a reminder of how Gobby got here, here’s a refresher https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaxwz9ka1jt8fwx/BaDaBoom%20(Series%20I).docx?dl=0)


Tired of all the weekly events or trophy grinding? In Legionnaires all we require is 500k gold so you can play the way you too.

Somewhere at a recruitment event 6 Goblins take the stage to present an important message. The 6 Goblins where dressed up as a Cop, an Indian, a Soldier, a Cowboy, A Construction Worker, and a Goblin simply dressed in Leather, they each had a microphone within their grasps, and a disco theme played, music to YMCA

Hey there, come and join with our guild,
We said hey there, come and join if you will,
We’re a great place, to have tons of fun,
Because here, we, all, will, belong,

We know that you do have a life,
Oh yes, we know, some people can’t grind all night,
So don’t worry, about trophies we’re told,
Because, here, you just need gold,

It’s fun to join up with, Hoguns, today,
It’s fun to join up with, hoguns, today,
Paladins has a spot,
and Legionnaires too,
And we’d like to fill them with you…

We will, finish Legend’ry Tasks,
Oh yes, we do, multiple if you ask,
So join us, if you’ve got nowhere to to go,
And you’ll earn many keys to Blow,

No man, does it all by himself,
we are three Guilds, that work together real well,
If you’re with us, we can help you to grow,
So just, join us to win, let go,

We have an opening, in Legionnaires,
We have an opening in, Paladins too,
Let’s rake in the keys,
From the Legen’ry Tasks,
Just give Gold is all we ask

We have an opening, in Legionnaires,
We have an opening in, Paladins too,
Let’s rake in the keys,
From the Legen’ry Tasks,
Just give Gold is all we ask


Hoguns is a wonderful family I’ve grown with for the past three years. Enjoy the community and the rewards with this wonderful group.

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I would recommend. Friendly and funny people.


1 spot open. Come join one of the friendliest and most helpful group of people I have ever met.

Hoguns Legionnaires is a great guild for endgamers looking to get away from all the grinding or for people still learning the game. We have over 90 people on our discord from all our Hoguns guilds that are always happy to help out anyone needing it.

We have 1 spot open. Even with no requirements we have finished the last 3 events raid, invasion and tower of doom.


Hey @Grt7 please join us on our discord so we can chat :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6

Come and join this awesome guild! :wink: