(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


Looks like we actually have one more opening! Anyone interested?! Get in before Monday and share in the spoils!!


Still on the hunt for a player! If you are looking for a great guild, come join us!


Still have that one spot open, come join us today! We have a lot to offer! If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.


EDIT: Never mind, found a guild. :slight_smile:



I’m a fairly new but active player. I can easily meet the weekly requirements. I will try my best to help the guild.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Invite code: MONICK_5FOM.


@JamesBondski Glad to hear you found a guild, see you on the battlefield :smiley:

@Monick An invite has been sent, let me know if you have any issues! Welcome, we’re glad to have you!


Thanks a lot!

See you in the guild :slight_smile:


Monick has joined us (yay!), but now we had one more player who needed a break, so we do still have one more opening! Come join us before we hit our next legendary task!


Hi, I am a lvl1038 casual player with a minimum of at least 200k gold and 700s per week, I am available If you are still looking, and my invite code is WILDNESS.


Guild invite sent! If you have any issues let me know, welcome!


Done and thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


We have an opening!! If anyone is interested in joining or has any questions, please feel free to comment here or PM me!


Still on the hunt for one soul to join our merry band!


I have been away for over a year and it seems my guild has died around me. We are 30, but nobody is ever there anymore. So if you want me, I’l quit my ghost guild and join you.


We would love to have you! PM me your invite code (or write it here) if you want. We have a mix of veterans, newer, and returning players, so you should fit in just fine :). Sorry your old guild died, that is never fun :(.


BINC_1 and some more text to get past the 10 characters.


We have a new opening!! If anyone is looking for a guild, please come join us!


We have an opening!! Come join us!


Is the spot still available? I’m a returning player, have not played this game for a long while. Currently lvl 1132.


Hi! Fairly new player, level 100. I’m looking to join a semi-casual guild. Happy to help donate and do all the tasks I can each week. I’d love to join if that’s okay, completely understandable if not. So far all the guilds ive joined are mostly inactive. I’m top donations with128k this week.

Appreciate letting me know, thanks!

EDIT: If it helps, here’s the best I can do on the current raid boss.