[30/30] Die or fight is looking for new Members

Sorry the guild is now full

Die or Fight is currently looking for new members. We are an active, friendly, relaxed guild. We are mostly high level players, but are also accepting returning players and will also consider active lower level players. We often collaborate in the in game chat. We complete all weekly tasks both Basic and Epic, along with some legendary and always get 40k seals.

Weekly requirements: 1,500,000 gold - 0 trophies - 700 trophies – Tier 3 in all guild events

Daily Guild War Battles required

We have Discord too (optional), but it’s not as active as our in-game chat. We mostly use it to notify each other about pet rescues.

Discord Server: Die or Fight

Got booted without warning or demotion. Your behavior as GL disappointed me. Leave a feedback to remind other players to consider before joining your guild.

Marcus, I feel bad that you feel this way. But you did not meet the minimal requirements for our guild. But so that you know – all new members who enter the guild are on a probationary period. I felt it better for both you and our guild to kick you right away. For us it would be an unproductive spot. For you, it was better to be let go right away rather than giving you any hope that after your probationary week that you had any chance of still being a member. This way you could go out and find a guild better fitting you… Sorry!!!

What are you saying? I HAD BEEN IN THE GUILD NEARLY OVER 3 MONTHS, and participated in guild events regularly every week since i joined. What kind of minimal reqs did you refer to? Trophies? I said to you before, I had many works and real life things to take care during weekdays, so I mostly played at weekends. I can farm 700 trophies of your guild requirement with only 1 or 2 hours on Sunday by doing Arena. So that’s not a big deal. However, I got booted just after 6 hours when Sunday began, without any saying. IS THAT HOW A “FRIENDLY AND RELAXED GUILD” OPERATES LIKE YOU ADVERTISED?

If you don’t want my presence, just speak it frankly, I leave immediately. That’s all I need. Don’t think too high of your guild. It’s not the only high-level guild in the game. Your guild is not the center of the universe, so I don’t need to keep hope to stay in it. PERIOD! Btw, I’m happy that I don’t have to see some random german guy mumbling broken English no one understands every day again haha.

Jeez, you’re wild, Carmelo, for booting players out just because of some trivial meaningless trophies. Go out, breathe some fresh air, and find healthy relationships to indulge yourself in!

What is your GOW name? I will be honest, I only remember kicking a new member out during that time, so my response may have been incorrect, if I you were a longer time member and I you were kicked so I apologize for that, with that being said, I do kick members in for lack of participation, but I feel that before I do, I try contacting them to work things out and MOST of the time I never get responses to my messages. So if you were a member longer than a week and I kicked you, I will be more than happy to reply to you once I know your GOW name with the reasons for you being kicked. As far as being a “Friendly and relaxed guild” I stand by that, as long as members are active and participate there are no problems.


I’m the only one who was booted last Sunday (17/3). You know who I am. So, stop pretending, ok? The name starts with “Q”, in case your memory is still dysfunctional. DON’T TRY TO REVEAL IT, because IT’LL BE DOXXING, and I’LL REPORT YOU FOR THAT.

I’m sure I didn’t receive any of your messages last week. Nothing! My gold donation was done. My event score was ~64 (ToD event, 27 floors done, all Luck rooms cleared), which was higher than like ~10 other members in the guild. Then, I was suddenly expelled without any words or explanation hahahah.

If only I had known your disrespectful act, I would have never wasted my little precious time to join your guild. Here’s an advice. Stop putting wrong info in your guild’s introduction, and add a note like this: “Be ready to be replaced any time whenever GL feels upset” haha.
This experience gives me ideas and signs about guilds I should avoid in the future.

My feedback is done. At least, people who are interested in your guild will have some useful info about what type of guild they’re heading to and what type of GL they’re gonna play with.

Ok – at least I know who I am responding to, believe it or not I didn’t know – Yes your gold donation was done – and yes you did do 27 floors. But you came nowhere near the required 700 trophies for that week or preceding weeks. You also continuously failed to buy up to tier three in the shop for guild events which is a requirement. Even if I am mistaken and you did buy up to tier three your scores did not show this. And yes, I did not message you directly and that is on me, and yes I wasn’t in the greatest of moods because of others failing to meet requirements and not responding to my messages. but maybe, just maybe you should have taken a little responsibility, and improved on meeting the guild requirements that you were failing to meet on a weekly basis that I was letting you slide on – but once again I will take responsibility for being too relaxed and giving you SEVERAL weeks to improve your “game” and meet the goals that EVERYBODY else were meeting with no complaints instead of just kicking you the first time that you didn’t meet our guilds requirements!

Hey you should look on the bright side – at least you learned about signs about guilds that you should avoid in the future. I know I learned about looking at signs of members that I should avoid in the future…

What a blatant lie, carmelo! Therefore, I have to respond. Your guild doesn’t even set the events’ minimum scores for 16 stages’ rewards for everyone to follow. Despite that, I always tried to reach those minimum scores every week by calculating it by myself. And I always finished the events at around 16th to 20th position in the guild. MY SCORES WERE ALWAYS HIGHER THAN ABOUT 10 OTHER MEMBERS. THEN WHY WAS I THE ONE WHO GOT BOOTED? There is obviously some discrimination here. For a high-level guild like yours, if a member don’t meet requirements 1 or 2 weeks (some guilds are more strict, only 4 or 5 days), they are already gone certainly, let alone the fact that I had stayed in the guild more than 3 months. It proves that you just gave false statements about my activities and performance.

About trophies, I already said that I could farm 700 trophies with only 1 or 2 hours on Sunday by doing Arena, but you gave me no chance, nor any warnings. After 6 hours since daily reset at the end of Saturday, I became guildless. It’s considered disrespectful behavior, that’s why I tell you to stop putting wrong info about “FRIENDLY AND RELAXED GUILD” in your guild’s introduction. What a scam!

From all your responses, I’m glad I’m not the one who is at fault here, so I can hold my head high to continue enjoying the game. This frustration incident is just because I accidentally joined the wrong guild, and played with the wrong guys.

All I have to say is believe what you want, I must not have been looking at the same guild scores that you are quoting, I thought that saying buying up to tier three in all guild events was setting a relative minimum score – I know I can look in the mirror and say that I am telling the truth – Can you???

Look in the mirror and you know you’re telling the truth? Haha! What’s this? Are you teenager?
Truth comes with facts and evidence, carmelo.

If I said that I bought up to tier 5, and used all the sigils, how do you verify that? How do you know whether a member overperform or underperform?
The only way is to check against specific minimum score for each event. You don’t even know the basic things of the game. Your arguments are falling apart because you keep making lies. Do you have any self-esteem left?

Because your guild didn’t set those numbers, many members stopped playing when stage 16 was completed, even though their scores were much lower than mine.
While I always tried to achieve the baseline as close as possible every week, I was the one who had to leave, not those guys below me (?) What’s kind of discrimination and disrespect is this?

I know I had done my duty in guild events, because I had calculated all minimum points for each event.
I can fill those figures below easily. Can you???

Artifacts events (Minimum pts: ???)
Invasion events (Minimum pts: ???)
Journey events (Minimum pts: ???)
Raid Boss events (Minimum pts: ???)
Tower of Doom events (Minimum pts: ???)

Don’t think you can type in random meaningless numbers. Many other GL know the answers.

This is fun… I like to play mind games – to bad. I don’t have too much to work with in your case… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I might be acting like a teenager but at least I am not acting like a toddler!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I addressed the tier requirement earlier – Let me try to dumb it down so even you can understand – A guild requirement is to buy to level three – I even said that I didn’t know if you were buying up to that or not, but if you were buying up to three or higher your score was so bad, that you were not a good enough player to be in the guild anyway! Also, being more relaxed – the guild doesn’t require a certain amount of points per event because they change each week anyway. Our members are not lazy and have to be told what the MINIMUM point that they have to achieve. We have worked out over time that if everyone buys to tier three, there are enough players who go higher and everything works out. Every great once in a while, when more points are needed – I will ask everyone to buy a tier or to more – and since we don’t have LAZY members, everyone picks up the slack

Once again you are claiming that you had higher points then other people in the guild – A couple of points here, yes if you want to cherry pick there were a couple of times this was true. But more importantly, as you stated yourself, they stopped playing AFTER all rewards were completed – this points out that they were participating from the beginning of the Event, not waiting until the the end to see if they actually had to do anything – Who really cares how many points you get AFTER all the rewards have been reached, if you have done NOTHING or near to nothing while the guild was getting the rewards! That is not even taking into account that many of those players are always in the top half of above in guild points.

OK you got me on that one – Yes one of the reasons that you were kicked was because all you wanted to do was the MINIMUM – I DO NOT WANT players like that – with that said, there were other weekly requirement – such as trophies that YOU DID NOT REACH THE MINIMUM!!! LAZY LAZY LAZY!!!

PLEASE RESPOND – I love tearing apart arguments based on cherry picked information and no actual thought or attempt to take any responsibility for your own actions…

By the way – You should watch SinnyCool’s youtube channel. He always shares great info (I watch it myself) – One of the things I kind of skip over, but I am sure it will be the one thing you pick up on, is what the least amount of effort you have to put in so as not to get kicked out of a guild!!! Hopefully, this will help you in the future…


Thank you, you just destroyed your own reputation yourself. I don’t expect you’re this bad in terms of personality and thinking. Can’t wait for all other players to come here and read your silly comments.

You keep saying my event scores were not good. But on what criteria did you use to judge? The only tool here is minimum scores. When 30 members reach that baseline, all 16 stages are completed. There’s no way you can reach those minimum scores without buying up to tier 3 or more. Your words reflect that you clearly know nothing about the game.

Events like Invasion, Journey, Raid Boss, ToD, have the same minimum required points every time they take place. Your ignorance, at this time, is totally unbearable. LOL

How on Earth a person can infer from “members stopped playing AFTER all rewards were completed” to that I hadn’t participated from the beginning haha. Your logical thinking is faulty. It’s another lie you made up. In contrast, I always did 10 event battles everyday. If you buy tier 3 package in shop, you get around 12 to 14 sigils to start the events. When the day is reset, you have 4 more sigils. Therefore, 10 battles a day are reasonable, for tier-3 buyers, who are busy and have a real life.

Leaderboard does care about that. You got problem? ToD event, for instance, requires as many defeated dooms as possible, for guild to climb higher position in the leaderboard. The minimum points are, in other words, the least amount of works players have to do, to prove themselves worthy of claiming the rewards. You show yourself an ignorant person again.

I do the minimum, I got booted. The ones below minimum stay in the guild. Nice logic! Haha. You admitted my event scores were higher than many members, then you complained they were not good. Can you stop contradicting yourself?

I REPEAT again I can farm 700 trophies of your guild requirement with only 1 or 2 hours on Sunday by doing Arena. That’s not a big deal, but a very easy job. My trophies at that time were around 300. However, I couldn’t do that, because I was expelled just after 6 hours since the daily reset at the end of Saturday. YOU BOOTED PLAYERS OUT INSTANTLY WHEN SUNDAY SESSION JUST BEGAN WITHOUT WORDS, I HAVE TO ASK YOU AGAIN, IS THAT HOW A “FRIENDLY AND RELAXED GUILD” OPERATES LIKE YOU ADVERTISED?

Lastly, why do you skip my homework for you? It’s a way for you to show to the community that you’re a fair and good person that judges players on real figures, not on emotion or prejudices.

Artifacts events (Minimum pts: ???)
Invasion events (Minimum pts: ???)
Journey events (Minimum pts: ???)
Raid Boss events (Minimum pts: ???)
Tower of Doom events (Minimum pts: ???)

Sorry that I didn’t respond sooner, but I had more mentally stimulating things to do this weekend – one was to watch some paint dry!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just to answer some of your questions…

I based my judgement on what the other players in the guild achieved at the the time the event rewards have been reached. No I don’t take the total needed an divide by 30 because not everyone have the same resources, so I take that into account-- But when a person CONTINUOUSLY has the lowest score, well I will let you think about this – but it probably won’t help…

That may be true, but there is a different amount of difficulty because of different, plus some members like some event then others, So be a RELAXED guild I take that into account – BEING a RELAXED guild we do not watch the guild leader board – except when the SAME MEMBER is continuously last, and the complains because he/she didn’t know THE VERY LEAST that they had to do…

That is true – When one of the top 20ish player quits I don’t have a problem – but when the bottom player stops with a 0 or close score, I do have a problem – Maybe can see the theme here, I don’t put up with LAZY!!!

I hate to cut this short but I do have to add one thing and then run – If you could get 700 trophies with do Arena, why didn’t you??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a great day!!

Please respond, I look forward to your explanations, that show HOW LAZY YOU ARE!!!

You should stop embarrassing yourself. You spent 3 days brainstorming the response, but that cheesy reply is all you can come up with? LOL
You couldn’t even write proper English. It did really hurt my eyes, and gave me brain cancer! Were my comments so true that they made you tremble and disable your ability of thinking straight?
How could you become leader of that guild, while you have no wisdom, game knowledge, management skill and personality? :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of resources did you mean? Sigils are the only resource here, to finish events. Like I said, the required minimum scores cannot be reached if you don’t use all the sigils of the week (1 sigil for 1 battle, no more. I have to state that clearly, because your brain obviously did not work), which you get from at least tier-3 package bought in the shop.
I claimed that I always achieved those required minimum scores, because I know exactly those scores of each event, which your guild clearly didn’t set and had no idea about. I had done my duty in your guild events, and my scores were always higher than about 10 other members. Therefore, your accusation of me doing nothing and booting me out based on my event scores are ridiculous.

Because I was already out of the guild, when Sunday session just began. Many guilds wait until weekly reset before kicking members that are still playing. They don’t even advertised themselves as “friendly and relaxed guild” like someone. :smirk::smirk::smirk:

The rest of your reply is just valueless lies, so I don’t care much about them.
I feel like I’m talking with a dense little rock. All the problems were clarified in my previous comments. I’m tired of repeating them. I have to work and have many more important things to do. No point and no time arguing with a child.

Or, if you insist, you can look in the mirror, and believe whichever preposterous things you want to believe :rofl::rofl:… Whatever… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Why don’t you ask some mods or other GLs to come here. I’d like to hear their criticisms about this little discussion.