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3 players searching for a guild

3 active players (519, 516, 386 lvl) searching for an active guild. We are members of AgeOfEssence (rank 1381) for around a year. Sadly our guild seems to stop being active other than us three. So searching for a new active home now.

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Hey there! We might have space for you this week in one or two of the Intrim guilds. Could you please reply with your usual trophy numbers? For reference, Intrim 3 has 150 trophy per week reqs, and I2 doubles that at 300.

Come join Druids Alliance! We have 3 seats for you!


Still searching?

Darknemo, if still searching, reply on post from Mitribain

The Unholy Family is in need of some fresh souls, we are comprised of 3 guilds for various levels of play for pc/Mobil, we offer a great environment for all levels of play from beginner to end game, we have several spots open with very reasonable requirements that vary by guild, please stop by our discord and say hello
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we are in need of several people at the moment, we have over 100 members overall and offer great support to all levels of players

I earn around 100 trophys each week. dont recall what other two earns but shouldnt be too far off. Can you guys tell me what rank the guilds are?

Our guild The BEARDS of JESUS is currently looking for new members. Our ranking is currently 1939. I don’t place weekly demands on members other than they contribute what they can so long as it is something.

look on Mitribain forum darkneme, we’re rank 76

Sorry Darknemo

Hello Darknemo2000
we have 3 free Places in our Guild.
We are on Rank 56 and a very active Guild.
If you like i would invite you.
We use Discord for conservation… add me on discord so we can write together
My Id: Rina#3939

So many replies :smile:. We are rank 16. Reqs are 300k gold, 1.2k seals 200t a week

thank you everyone for your replies. Me and my friends decided to go with The Unholy Family. Thank you everyone again and good luck.


I am glad you chose us

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