3 players over level 1100 looking for a guild

I play this game with 2 of my good friends.
We are looking to join a good guild.
We do all guild events and always contribute.
We are looking for a guild that hits legendary tasks and completes all guild events at highest level.
Let me know if you have room for us.


Hi feel free to drop by Black Dragon Court - i m sure we could help you and your friends :blush: https://discord.gg/5qjx889

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Hi ryjo Chance here from Hunters of Gems rank 156 what you have posted is very much so what we are looking for and we would be happy to have you join our guild, we get seals tasks and some legendary tasks every week and almost all weeks we meet the weekly event maximum to finish the event. At the moment we have 2 open spots with a 3rd needing to be removed for lack of req. completions several times now so if you are interested get in touch. https://discord.gg/cApuBF4 or Chance#9346

If u are still looking we have a guild family of 5 guilds. We have 2 spots open in TUF: Power Gems at weekly reset . We can get the third in our holdover guild til another spot opens. Come and check us out :sunglasses:

Hi ryjo!
Have you found a guild?
Our reqs are: 250,000 gold
1,500 seals
100 trophies
All guild events
Discord optional
We offer:
Level 6 guild chests
Legendary Tasks
All event stages completed
A friendly, supportive environment
This is a strong guild full of outstanding people.
Most of us are over level 1,000.
If you’re interested friend me on discord: madrina#8212