3 new features for xbox one


Can It possible to make a automatic destroy of mythic units to have some souls ? that option was of the begining of the game but disepear , when you have 100 mythics card that take toooooooooo much time to pick one per one to destroy them for souls

want some stones upgrade too , exemple (minor major mythic etc )

50 red stone lvl 1 make 1 stone lvl 2

20 stone lvl 2 make stone lvl 3

10 stone 3 make

and when we reach for exemple stone arcan dark , 5 red and 5 purple mythic

And last of one

for exploration , explain the différence of drop rate with the differents difficulty , and explain what mean X2 X3 for stones , a minor part of players understand what the should do to have better chances to loot

Sorry for my english , not perfect

thanks for this wonderfull game , spend 400 hoours on it on 2016

About the disenchant, there is probably a mass disenchant option available. Go to a card, crafting, disenchant tab. On the left side there is a button that will disenchant all copies above four of cards that you have at mythic. If you don’t have it, it will come soon in an update (PC/Mobile already has this), but I think you probably have it as Consoles are close behind PC/Mobile now.

The option to upgrade traitstones will probably never become available as that impacts the economy in the game (and their ways to earn).

consoles have 3 month + than pc

we just had halloween demon the week but I’ll be great to bring importants featurs faster than new realms or events …