Some (stupid?) little request

Hi there.
Im playing since long time on ps4 and untill now, im still enjoy that a lot. But i realize, some really really really little detail can be change.
-The opening windows show only 4 unit : shadow dragon, dwarf, venoxia, and rowanne. possible to add some new unit (like one per kingdoms)?
-The pvp rank doesnt look logical. i mean, for exemple, rank 7 berserk is weaker than rank 6… a useless zombie? possible to think about this one day?
-The new patch bring new music, and it’s good. But why delete the old one? used to be good too. possible to bring back the old music? (can be good to listen old AND new music)
-I wonder, possible one day too have mass disenchant unit in future? take a lot of time too delete one by one the extra mythical unit.

-(stupid) Bonus : What about make one day a legendary gate? 0 damage but really hard (annoying) to kill. for exemple .
Hell gate : 50 armor, 40 life, 0 attack.
spell : 10brown/red. double my armor.
trait : 50 %damage skull reduction, impervious, legendary trait, 50% damage spell reduction.

Have a good day!!

The answer applies to PS4 as well as Xbox

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Oh yes, add more loading screens. There are so many interesting units to display there in full resolution, like Mercy, The Devouted, Corrupt Sorceress, Green Seer, Atlanta…

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they cannot give us the old music, sorry man, if they wanted to continue using it in game it would cost them money, that was the reason for change in music - the finance

and about a legendary gate - i dislike it. i think it would bring no fun to the game only boredoom and annoyance while everybody would put it in their defense team and not offense… do you really need to make your pvp even slower? :confused:

but i do like the idea of reworking pvp tier representatives. somewhere around tier1 could be things like mythic war, and the zombie can stay on the bottom xd

Ahhh that why, not anymore old music. Good to know that, sleep less stupid tonight :grinning:.
BTW, was thinking about one “tank” unit, cause there is one dude I see again and again and again… Gorgotha. Why? Cause of this bloody 75%skull damage reduction. So it’s mean. People love def and take (too much) often time him. So was thinking : What about give more choose than this unkind (but polite apparently :sunglasses:) big demon.
But at least I like your opinion :wink:

Anyway, going to check tomorrow about mass disenchant… Maybe I just need too change glasses :neutral_face:

gorgotha weak spot is his skull reduction trait can be disabled, he can also just take true damage and be done with. so with some efford he can be killed fast like any other unit.
unlike your requested one. being overpowered in a direction to plainly slow down gameplay is… just please no.

the mass disenchant in the pc/mobile looks like this: (i never clicked it yet)