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3 active players whit Dragons Armors for guild

Hello, we are 3 quite active players who seek clan.

box player helps the clan each week with +1200 stamps, 300k gold and 150 trophies.

We seek an active clan to help each other

Thank you!

You’re welcome to come and join Caramba. Check out our recruitment thread and post your invite codes if interested.

Hi, KiLlerMe. You and your two friends may be welcome within Order of Bastet if you are interested.

My guild is relatively small but we are growing; up to 10 players within about a week’s time.

Order of Bastet is Egyptian-Mythos/Cat-Lover themed and semi-casual as far as requirements but we do want active players who are interested in and eagerly willing to help as well as want to simply have fun.

If this sounds like it may be of interest and/or you wish to know more, message me and/or leave your invite code(s).

May The Goddess watch over you, and I hope we may hear from you soon.

You and your friends would also be welcome in our guild Iconic. Currently ranked #70 We’re a midsize guild looking to fill our roster. Great core group of players! Help us climb up the rankings again.

Are you xbox or pc? Wondering because you said box player.
If you are pc then I can take you 3. Check us out Drums Of Thunder.

Drums Of Thunder A New Guild Master!

our guild “we are one” is looking for members.
We are a quite active guild level 35- about 1600 rank - ChampionII with 110% gold bonus and we will be happy to have all the 3 players with us.
Let me know your invitation codes and i will join you