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3 active looking to merge

I am apart of an formally active guild, now 3 active players looking to merge - all active and long time players.

Levels - 92 - 123 - 365

we all earn over 500 seals a week.

Hi @Barenger,

If you and your other guildmates feel you can meet our reqs we’d be happy to take all three of you (we currently have 2 open spots and will have one more Sunday, if not sooner). We are a semi-casual guild with a great group of members who are motivated to help each other. You can read about us and our guild here:


You’re also welcome to come visit us on our Discord chat server if you’d like to talk with some of our existing members here: https://discord.gg/X9d6FHH

Darkwarriors still recruiting members. We are a casual guild with some people dedicated but we don’t have minimum requisites of level kingdoms, gold or seals. All of you are welcome if you want,

If you PvP to Tier 1 each week you are welcome to join us.


You sound like an almost perfect fit for our guild:

We have 3 spots open now:

[quote=“Isak, post:1, topic:13447”]Looking for active players 100+ to help us raise the Tide :slight_smile:
Req: 400 seals/week and/or 50 trophies. No gold requirement and encourage raising your kingdoms to 10.
We offer FB group page and Discord chat app for your convenience.

League Rank: 257
Daily Bonus: 190% gold
Elite V

Please respond with invite code.

@ Barenger:
I am guild mate of PlayerDaniels. We would welcome you. While we have a 100+ level req we can include you all under these special circumstances.

Hi! Dynasty is also recruiting, no requirements. Contribute what you can to tasks but funneling gold to kingdom development is understood. Guild at Champion 2. We are also a group of long time players matching three and enjoying the digital rewards gems of war provide. Pm your invite codes :slight_smile: