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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Woops, forgot to add that to the list, my apologies! Head in many places. I was going to come here and post about it anyway.

If you receive the error where your game freezes when you encounter a Gnome of any kind, please do the following:

  1. If the freeze has just occurred, before opening your game again locate the output_log.txt.
  2. This is found in %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Pipeworks\GemsofWar or
    C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\LocalLow\Pipeworks\GemsofWar
  3. Start a ticket with support with “Technical Issue” selected, and attach this output_log.txt to your ticket as a file attachment (no need to copy + paste)

The output log should l tell us what the exact problem is. We’re unable to reproduce this right now, and we’re checking other player server logs but the information is not helping, so it would be great if you could send that over.


So, I noticed the perks were gone on the Hero class screen, so I changed my hero’s class to the Mechanist to see what would happen. Turns out they’re still a Mech (luckily, because it would have severely nerfed the class if that specific perk was removed), but there’s no way of telling this from the Mechanist class screen. Perks have disappeared from that screen.


Yup, this will be fixed next patch, I’ll make sure it’s added to the list.

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Yay :slight_smile: :wink: :grinning:

incorrect team score opponent

Used a Khetar team for the 24 Pet Rescue event. Was able to win 7 matches with it. The matches didn’t register towards the daily task.

Was there any change to tributes? After collecting my first one the next one is failing to show up, even after waiting 90 minutes and restarting the game.

same on 4 of a kingdom. Pet rescue seems to not count for the tasks

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@Cyrup Pet Rescue counts the last used PvP/Explore Team to the Daily task.

E. g., I played a PvP Battle with 3 Beasts, the first of my 10 Beast-Battles task.
Then I did a pet rescue with my divine team.
After the pet rescue was finished, my beast task was at 9/10


this explains awryans and my problem.

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Ohh. Last used. That’s weird… explains why my Dhrak-Zum team with zero yellow got me 8/12 on a yellow task from Pet Rescue.

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This has happened to myself and a guildmate, both times it had a treasure gnome. For me this was the 2nd gnome i’d seen so it’s not a first time thing.

Transformation gives Level 20 troops in Arena… It should be 15.

Well, this is awkward…



Hello! A few visual bugs to report on Xbox One (my game is in French):

The text and buttons at the bottom of the Hero troop tab overlap.

The weapons upgrade bonus show “+1%” instead of “+1”.

PS: I don’t know if it’s a bug or a choice, but naming an upgraded weapon “+X [Name of the weapon]” looks strange for a French. All the other games I’ve played use “[Name of the weapon] +X”.

Screenshot_20180620-193821 I switch the game run in the background, all image Suddenly disappeared when i unlock screen,play GOW on Android 7.0 platform.

Spoiler alert! New map layout revealed. Krystara is neither a sphere nor a disk, it’s a cube. The Tower kingdom is on the right face. :smirk:


Looks like Wins may still be counting as Losses in PvP occasionally. I had only lost 1 this week, but looking this AM at my record I was 251-2.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if that fake loss was added per or post update though.

This also happened to me; my task was 8 battles with Drifting Sands troops, fought one Explore with such a team, went and did a full pet rescue with my Doomskull team (no Drifting Sands troops) and completed the task after the 7th battle.

Are useless weapon upgrades a bug?

Dusty tome: destroy a gem

Has three +1 magic upgrades, but spell does not scale on magic.

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