3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

oh ok I need to pay better attention lol

I have noticed recently that ship cannon doesn’t always fire 3 shots when playing on x4 speed and this has been in arena. At first I thought it was me as it’s not all the time but there is certainly an issue there.

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Do any of the enemies die when this happens and you notice the issue?

Not always. 1 battle, 2 out of 3 did die and the 3rd shot didn’t trigger, resulting in their 3rd troop taking no damage.

The third shot was going to hit one of the two troops that died. The targets are chosen before any shots are fired. Same with Infernus, IIRC. If splash damage kills the second target, the second shot won’t happen.


I wasn’t sure but any clarification would help, thank you :+1:

I’m Playing on Xbox One.
Level is 169
I’ve seen that sometimes the chests don’t reward you properly.( One time I’ve won’t 3 Valkyries, but in my Troops menu just show that I won 2. )
(The same thing happened with Glory, looks like if 2 of your chests gave to you Glory the game just counts the highest valuable chest)
The Troops Menu Lag Bug
The 4 gems matches sometimes don’t work ( Link for my OneDrive video : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)
Sorry for my bad english if has some mistake.

This is most likely the case. Just a small correction regarding infernus, second shot still happens and hits any adjacent troops

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This is a known visual glitch. The number of copies you see when you open the chests is incorrect.

  1. As canyon says, the rewards issue is visual, -fixed in the next update
  2. Troop menu lag - improved in the next update
  3. 4 Gem Matches - fixed in the next update

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: Feel free to check out the Known Issues section of the help center or the top of this post for quick help on issues


New known Issue

Updated OP

  • Trophies do not count towards Global Leaderboard total in League tab of Guild menu Fixed, restart the game
  • Register menu in Guild Wars shows that Guild Wars is starting a few days later, but schedule shows within 6 hours Visual only. Guild Wars starts at 7 am GMT on 28th August

The running Guild Wars week still doesn’t show results of the last week.
I know, it’s technically not the last (calendar)week, and I also know that we can check results within Raid-Week.
But it would make more sense to keep the results-tab for the following 3 weeks until new results can be displayed.


Technically it’s working as intended, but it should probably factor in that Guild Wars is not longer every week. I will pass it on.


Even on Warlord IV Aby shouldn’t summon a level 20 Infernal King.

Regardless of bonus stats, shouldn’t it be level 19 still?


Flame Soul is missing after purchase This issue has since been resolved. The game team have pushed a fix to the server. If you restart - completely close and reopen the game - you should see the Weapon.

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What is this random spell filter? for Mongo/Mimic? Right now it doesn’t appear to work.

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Why do i need to restart the game if i don’t have the time to finish the rescue pet event?

Kinda suck when you are 30 seconds short on the final battle and then a screen appear and the only option you got is to restart the game

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Closing, this update no longer exists!

Please go to new thread

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