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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

That’s a known issue you have to cast another troops power up

You’ve always been able to fight you guildmates

He is not my guildmate. i was talking about his times. he was last seen 3 hours ago but fought me 55 minutes ago…out of sync.

And you can only fight guild mates in the arena.Not pvp.

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I’ve always been able to fight guild mates in pvp

maybe if you are testing their defense. no points are awarded though.

On PS4 we get a blue screen error when searching pets by selecting upgradable.

Edit. Pics.


Xbox, every time i finish dungeon or pet rescue and then go to pvp im getting internal error, i need to restart the game to make it work

@ONOPALAVER Thank you, this is fixed in the next update.

@Jainus Were you doing these battles in Arena?

The dev team fixed a few causes of the extra turn bug occurring, if it’s still happening we will need a lot of details and steps to reproduce the problem

Thank you, the dev team has fixed this in the next update, 3.6. Unfortunately it’s not something that can be fixed Suna on the server.

@Shimrra @actreal Thank you, this seems related to Calv1n’s issue, so I’ve made a note of that for the dev team

@Strat Please clarify what you mean by “kicked out of the game”. Did the game close? Crash with an error message? Freeze? What is your platform?

@fishinia Have you noticed any other visual oddities? And sorry ,what’s your platform?

@Santandrix fixed in the next update

@Rickygervais Please contact support


There is a translation mistake in french for a daily task.
“Win battles using 3 unique troops from Drifting Sands in your army.” (8 battles to complete) is translated :
“Remportez des batailles en utilisant 3 unités uniques des Plaines Sauvages dans votre armée.”
It’s not the right kingdom in french. It should be “Sables Mouvants” instead of “Plaines Sauvages”.

I take the opportunity to remind that there is another “critical” translation mistake for the troop Spear Master / Maître Lancier, whose spell says “rangée” (row) instead of “colonne” (column).


On Xbox the wrong display count for troops when opening chests is still here after update.

If I receive 2 copies of the same troop, it is displayed 3. If I receive 3, it show 5x, if I receive 4 copies, it show 7x,…etc…
Glory, souls and gold probably still display too high number as well.

To check this problem on Xbox, simply open several 200 gold chests and you will see that there is never shown same copy of a troop received 2x or 4x…always either 1x, 3x ,5x, …

I do not believe so, The same thing is showing in my main guild this morning, purple statue missing the check mark, so am seeing it on different guilds on 2 different PC with windows 10.

I just had this task complete…


… when I collected Guild Tasks??

I’ve done a Pet Rescue today. That is no 500 souls.

(Not to say I didn’t like the reward, I think it gave me 15 gems, just shouldn’t be acting like that lol…)


Same as above, same Task. I’ve been doing Tasks for years, Collecting my Guild rewards did not complete tasks before 3.5.

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I can confirm with both of you and this happened to me on ps4 as well. Had a task completed just by collecting rewards that day.

Any souls gained count towards this quest, not only the ones earned in battle as stated on the actual daily task.
I.E. the task for leveling a troop to level 16 yields 1000 souls, will also conplete this one at the same time.

I didn’t see anyone post this but for me Urskaya Kingdom upgrade from 6 to lvl 7 shows 14 weapons even though I have only 4.20180626155903_1

I just switched phones, so I had to enter my account password on the new one. As I was typing on the iOS keyboard, I accidentally switched languages. Unity treated this as if I had tapped “Return” and gave me a warning that passwords must be longer than 8 characters. It then took focus away from the password field, so that even when I switched back to English and kept typing, I wasn’t entering info to the password field.

Given the rarity of the bug (only occurs on account linking, only on mobile devices, and only when multiple keyboards are installed), it may not be worth fixing. But I figured I would mention it here in case it’s a one-line fix in the appropriate Unity script.

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The dev team haven’t fixed this just yet, it’s still under investigation.

@fishinia Try verifying the integrity of game cache on Steam, Gems of War updated its unity version with this update so there might be a few odd asset issues.

testing my defence team and win 2 trophies,but trophies is not counting for guild


Well that’s atleast a good bug lol