3.5 is the Worst Update Yet

I play the game for one thing—to build my troop collection and level my kingdoms. That is the aspect of the game that captured my interest back in the days when there were only two types of keys, and it is still the reason I have not missed a daily login in probably two years.

The updates have slowly been forcing players to put in more time if they want access to all the content. I play this game casually. I already put in as much time as I am willing to. I choose to not participate in time-consuming efforts that do not give me anything I care about.

I do not care about guild wars, raid boss, bounties, class events, invasions, orbs, pet food, ingots, upgradeable weapons and all that other stuff. I am level 935 and well on the way to upgrading my kingdoms to 9 stars (all but the very newest are at 8.) Now, in order to upgrade my kingdoms, I am forced to upgrade worthless weapons (it was at least 700 levels ago when I last used my hero in a battle) and participate in the lamest content this game has implemented yet: rescuing pets.

I have sunk $500 into this game (not a penny since 3.x). The rules have been majorly changed and the product I paid for is not the one I own. If this was a contract in which someone changed the terms, there would be a lawsuit. I am not happy, which may soon be a moot issue to the community.

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You are correct that the game has gotten much more robust. I can understand being frustrated if you felt the game was perfect for you, and then it changed.

The developers started the game, like any game, with an idea. As the game got more popular, they had the resources to expand upon their idea and create when they were initially dreaming about.

I hope you find a game that suits you better than this one currently does.


I would say bloated rather than robust. But your point is made.

I understand changes. But this update changes the core of the game to a point where it is an entirely different game. When you are paying for something, there is an expectation that you get what you paid for. Not only is this not what I paid for, but I can hardly find an element left that resembles what I originally liked about it.

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I think that’s…excessively hyperbolic, let’s say. The core of the game, in my view, is completely unchanged; this update gave you more directions to extend from that core. You could, for example, completely ignore the hero talents and the weapon leveling and simply pretend they don’t exist…and that wouldn’t stop you from playing the game in the slightest.


This is best update yet. How do I know? I can barely play because there are too many people playing. I have to keep restarting game because it’s so slow. Maybe this is just an xbox problem. I can barely take it but others are going nuts on pvp

You can pretend they don’t exist for you, but you can’t pretend that the extra perks aren’t applying to your opponents when they start modifying the board, summoning unexpected troops and having better stats than you’d otherwise expect.


I personally disagree.

3.5 is a wonderful update. It adds to the game creates the potential for interesting teams. Add more reasons to play and collect.

I do understand you concern. This is not Gems from 3 years ago in the 1.x days. Or even the best version of the 2.x great interface days. This is solidly a different game. Unfortunately some updates will be the final nail, hopefully for the good of the game the update brings in more players than it looses. I wish you luck in your future gaming.

I have been very critical of one aspect of 3.5: The horrendous implemtatation of the Talent trees. It’s as the “developer” had minutes late one afternoon to design the ALL Class perks and decided to go home early and just randomize Race everywhere. By chance the Divine Hero came out ok, so that’s a great way to further destroy diversity in the game and erasure you push most players to use an already overused Race.

Looking forward to switching to Titan (Giant Hero) in a few days so I can buff my Dwarf or Centaur troops, and summon Strys for ‘reasons’. /s

Not wanting to completely derail the OP’s topic, but I can see some logic in the talent tree implementation, or at least in the idea of the implementation. That is, the idea of having a catalog of themed talent branches (?) that can be applied to all current and future classes makes this a one-time investment and allows them to release future classes with less effort. Of course, those future classes will be equally likely to be head-scratchers in terms of the specific talents available.

Back to the OP’s point, I’m not entirely decided on this update yet. I think the game continues to spiral away from the game that I once loved, but it’s not yet circling the drain for me. Overall, the pace of change just feels too rapid and that is getting to me more than any specific thing that has been introduced.

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@Stan to not derail, I’ll PM you my super easy solution that should NOT need publisher approval (a sticking point for most change requests).

No, I have to pay attention to things I do not want to in order to level my kingdoms, which is the one thing I enjoy. Your statement is true of the game before the update–I was able to ignore the things I did not care about then. That is no longer the case.

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That’s what I am saying. It is a different game. Some people will like the new game and some will not. In every previous update, I was able to still find some vestige of the game I enjoyed. Right now, I’m just not seeing it.

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