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3.4 Pet Spoilers

Somewhat surprised no one has started a thread on this. Over the weekend, these pet spoilers were posted on the GOW facebook page,


From the image above, we will get a new tab in the Troops & Teams to mange our pets. It appears that there will be at least 8 pets, one of which is Lucky the Cat.


There will be a new game mode in 3.4 know as pet rescue. This new mode appears to be guild based and has a 1 hr timer.

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Remember, I’ll be streaming pets tomorrow on our Twitch channel! This is 5 30 PM PDT, which is 11 30 AM AEST. https://www.twitch.tv/infinityplustwo


At least 12. Notice the arrow that is there to scroll. In dictating there’s at least 4 you can’t see in that image.

With Coming Soon! graphics.

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Hopefully pets can eat souls and traitstones. Give endgamers a use for all the extras they’ve accumulated over the years by playing the game for 1000’s of hours.


Hopefully… but not very likely…

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Hopefully we get new resources that work only for pets. There are so few resource types currently.

Non-sarcastically, if pets have a Kingdom, I like this. More troops, more tribute.

Pessimist-mode: Tribute will be nerfed soon.

Conclusion: Everything is bad. Hopefully the end of the World is soon.


How does this one-hour timer window thing works?
We all have different time zone…
and not everyone can meet specific hour window.

Are you familiar with the words “fire watch”? :wink:

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I think both of these images were actually posted and discussed in the Doomskulls thread, which is now I guess more about 3.4 spoilers than Doomskulls in particular. I know because I remember people complaining that the sky was falling over that pet quest timer.

I didn’t realize there was a Facebook page to follow? That’s a lot of different social media pages. Do I also need to follow on LINE, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and Updog?

I’d prefer pets that eat gold and poop diamonds.


I’m fine with anything that doesn’t eat real cash only and poops battle advantages.

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Just Twitter and Facebook. (Our i2games twitter is my baby.)

what’s Updog? :joy::joy::joy:
(should I ask Ravens kicker Justin Tucker?) :grinning:

Not much, dog, what’s up with you? :sunglasses:


Given the short duration and time zone differences, this obviously cannot be an event which requires the entire guild to complete. If it can be done the just a few members, this event will obviously favor guilds that have a diversified global membership base.

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I hope it does honestly. Every guild should try to be as diversified as possible. This possibly could be an incentive to do so.

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Pet stream in an hour!!! https://www.twitch.tv/infinityplustwo

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Taran spoiled your spoiler already. :grinning:
It’s gonna be like a zoo in 3.4. lol

81 ??!!! :joy: That’s a lot of pet food to buy !

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