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3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Makes me wish I checked my totals after key openings… A lot were used on Friday…

Part of me wonders if it was because of the Xbox server errors throwing everything off

I can still not find the PSN Bug on your list!?

I am playing Gems on PS4 since day one, so i saw a lot of bugs and where almost allways cool with them.
But this one may destroy entire guilds, when you are not able to contact new members!

Also postet it here

When can/will you fix it?
Please dont say we have to wait for 3.5!

Yep, i used quite a lot of resources trying to get all the new troops. Had i known i was getting less than what it said i’d be given i would’ve waited

not sure if it has been already mentioned, but inviting players to a guild using invite codes is broken. any time one types a code it says ‘does not exist’. it happened to me multiple times after the patch and I know that I am not the only person experiencing such a problem. inviting from the chat works ok

@Cyrup, I have another bug possibly related to my crappy phone.

I was playing a bounty match and my phone started to slow down horribly. Input lagged, animations were choppy, etc. It’s like the time my laptop CPU was pegged at 300 MHz from its typical 3 GHz. This is normally fixed by a restart of the app, so it’s suggestive of some sort of memory leak that goes away once iOS gets to clean up the app. (I am happy to try to record video of this occurring if you think it would help. Otherwise, I’ll save the disk space on said crappy phone.)

However, during this particular bounty match, I watched as the game moved a different gem than the one I swiped. I was doing this extremely slowly, since I knew there would be a lag between when I touched the screen and when the game registered my press. The game still moved the gem adjacent to where my finger touched the screen.


Clicking on the orbs of chaos in the rewards gives a tool tip that is for the Orbs of Growth, does it for major chaos orbs too.

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Bump!! Any response today devs? @Cyrup @Ozball @Saltypatra @Kafka

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Hi Fleg

Have you opened any chests recently, and if so, what type and how many with this? I can check through your logs to see what is going on but I will need some specifics.

I opened a ticket #60496 in which I included a video from a recent opening when I heard about the bug. Friday shortly after reset I opened about 45,000 gold chests and I’m sure the bug affected all of those openings. This doesn’t affect just me, It’s EVERYBODY ON XBOX. You can replicate the bug easily yourself by opening some gold chests on xbox. We aren’t getting the glory/gems/souls shown in the rewards screen. We are actually getting far less.

We’ve reproduced the issue but it’s helpful to have player cases to refer to as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve passed this onto the team and they’re looking into this.

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@Cyrup. It happened to me Friday and Saturday as well on xbox. I can provide videos. Should I open a ticket?

Well i didin’t check how many keys i had but it was over 2-3k and friday i spended all my glory and gold key for new kingdom so that alot of lost ressources and im pretty sure im not the only one in this situation

Edit: on xbox

Glory appears to be missing from chests - The development team has tested the issue and discovered that in the Rewards List after opening chests a visual issue occurs making it seem like more rewards are being earned than intended. For example, in most chests you are only meant to earn one traitstone but instead more than traitstone per chest is being given. The team are still looking into this so I have no word on a resolution. You can contact support but there won’t be anything we can do as this is a visual issue only. :slight_smile:


Why in the world is the onus on the players to make sure YOUR coding is working properly and that WE should be CHECKING THAT WE’RE NOT BEING RIPPED OFF???
Check the logs of EVERYONE and not just those who complain. reimburse EVERYONE APPROPRIATELY. Again not just those who have noticed they got the shaft.

Most doesn’t signify all. You multiply those less than your given average by hundreds or even thousands of resources and you’re left with real issues. People that aren’t “only” being visually screwed over

Relax she said it was visual bug so nobody lost anything


This is a visual issue and no one has lost resources. There is no reason to check the logs of every player when we know this; the issue is not that people are missing rewards, rather that that are getting the same rewards but it appears as if the chests should be giving more. I hope this helps your understanding, and thank you for your concern, though :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that! Added

@Grundulum iOS is usually pretty good at managing memory, but this sounds like it might be caused by a hardware issue. I have had similar problems on my Android when clearing storage space and cache (after linking my account) helped. If a restart doesn’t help I would go for a reinstall; after account linking and see what other general troubleshooting you can do. This is something we can help you better with in support.

@Svetlana This should now be fixed, we pushed out a server-side change for this last week. Are you still having the issue?

@Live I only just noticed this report from you so the development team are likely not aware of it and therefore I can’t tell you when a fix would be in place. I will make a note of it for them. Please consider using the bug report template in future so we can get some more information on the issue. It appears when you go to make a new thread in the “bug reports” section. :slight_smile:

@Truxton If a guild mate has one handy a photo would be helpful.

Edit: An update on Guild chat issues for mobile

Unfortunately the development team were unable to find a short-term solution for being unable to post messages to guild chat. However, we have fixed this issue for 3.5!


For anyone with guild chat issue on mobile do this:

Go to global chat

Switch your current channel to any channel

Switch back to your usual channel

Type in guild chat

That’s it.

unfortunately, I do. I have two accs GMs in two guilds and I have this issue on both of them. I know some other GMs had the same issue last week. so apparently it’s not fixed