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3.3 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Event points still resetting…

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Ticket #55824 stolen gems on name change. Cost said ZERO and then im out 200 gems… so from my 494 about to buy armor… now not so much.

Fantastic! I’m so glad! :smiley: The asset looked like it was missing so reinstalling usually fixes that. Just tested your download issue and I’m getting this as well, I’ll make a note of it.

Do you have an image of this?

@xPSYCHOxONEx How many chests were you trying to open? There is a bug where opening 50 chests to complete a daily task can cause the game to crash.

What’s your platform?

I responded to your ticket.

Please restart your game. We are looking into this.

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Our server team went out of their way to take a look at your problem and found it wasn’t related to anything on our end. Without looking up your ticket I’m not sure of the further details but I’m sure Kafka provided some help and suggestions :slight_smile:

Unable to disable holiday gems on Xbox: Unfortunately we cannot fix this until the next update as it requires a client-side fix. The changes can’t simply be pushed to the server.


(Xbox) Not sure if it’s intended but if you use korvash against yao guai, he is stunned but doesn’t lose his mana.

I know his 2nd trait is immune against mana drain, burn and steal, but the fact he is losing his trait when he is stunned should be able to still drain it?

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I had that again the other night after finishing a battle after 5 hours of clicking retry I took the loss and closed the game.

Today I can’t even log in because of it I have been trying for over 4 hours. It can’t be my internet because I can play every steam game I own without a problem and I am playing Gems on my Xbox connected by wifi without a problem.

If I didn’t have GW battles left to do I would just quit the game today. Getting really sick of this crap.

Having server issues on ps4

Is Yao Guai traited with his second trait? If so, Khorvash should be stunning + draining mana because the stun should disable Guai’s Mana Shield trait.

Did you try reinstalling? Are you using a VPN or Firewall? If you are connecting via WiFi on your Xbox without a problem then it’s hard to say what the issue is.

@Cyrup Yes it happened with yao guai, emperor liang and diviner all traited

Edit: it look like korvash is draining, then stunning, that’s the reason he doesn’t drain them (because of the trait) i just don’t know if it’s intended

Xbox french version

Daily task asking to complete 12 battles with 3 yellow (jaune) troops but when you click RB for more info, it asking you to use green (vert) troops. The green (vert) troop is the one counting for the task



Xbox french version

After explore battle, “play again” isn’t translated in french


Xbox french version

Freya spell and description isn’t translated in french


Xbox french version

Frost Archer name, spell and description isn’t translated in french


Xbox french version

  • Diviner name, spell and description isn’t translated in french, also the kingdom name is weird (3030_name)
  • also 2nd trait not translated in french


Xbox french version

  • Yao guai spell isn’t translated in french
  • And weird kingdom name (3030_name)
  • 3rd trait also not translated


Xbox french version

Ishbaala spell isn’t translated in french
3rd trait also not translated in french



Xbox french version

  • Cedrik (the vault) isn’t translated in french
  • Treasure gnome (the vault) isn’t translated in french
  • valraven (the vault) isn’t translated in french



Xbox french version

  • Xiong mao
  • zhenniao
  • penglong
  • spearmaster (2nd trait not translated)
  • spellblade (2nd trait not translated)
  • emperor liang (1st and 3rd trait not translated)
  • monkey disciple
  • pandaska guard

They all got same translation problem (spell description and kingdom 3030)


Xbox french version

Raid boss, guild war and invasion
Little text not translated in french