3.2 path - end of fantasy?


This new graphic is a tragedy. How is it possible to spoil it so badly?


beware of a remake of all troop images to become “modern” too.
they already started with kingdom emblems remake


The turkey crucified on a barrel? That’s not modern, unless ugly is the new modern.

(It’s also contrary to all the new images that are iperrealistic and iperdetailed.)


it is. we, the “old” ppl, wont understand


In our time, we had to needlepoint all our icons!

…but our fonts didn’t look that horrid since Windows 3.1.


That’s just Tezca playing mind games again. Garuda is going to be so annoyed when he sees the dead chicken.


We have magic here, mana, monsters, troops of deamons, swords, axes, wands etc. … and icon graphics (for beginning) like in modern chest game or new tetris :confused:


we should get the spaceships soon enough.
starting with goblin rocket for exampel?
the new version could look like this


Thank you for the laughter :smile: