3.2 coming next week?


Just saw this come through my feed on Twitter.

@GemsOfWar: Gems of War kicks off its 3rd Anniversary Celebrations on 10/18/17, with giveaways and a new update! https://t.co/isFCbXfEcq


I am craving more infos please! :sob:


More info? Ok… Ummmm…

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That makes perfect sense put out a update that is going to effect gw in the middle of the gw week. So ridiculous


I would be surprised if it happens that way… Cheer up kiddo


3.2 main purpose is to tweek gw by introducing the new points for defense troops


Quite right kiddo… Glad you can keep up😘


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Seriously though, I suspect we will see the new UI which they’ve been teasing recently


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I would like to keep this topic on point. Please don’t deraiil it.


Yup its all me… Lol no worries bruh. This will be my last post on your topic.


I think the defense scoring points will breathe a lot of life back into GW. I hope it doesn’t come with any glitches.


Frustrating, yes, but it affects everyone equally. They may also mean the week of and not necessarily that day.


Some people leave guilds in the middle of the week. It’s very frustrating and pretty crap to everyone in the guild but at least this is the same for everyone. I don’t see a problem. I’m really looking forward to this. I already have gw defence teams with colour counters and gw troops to boost damage, so i’ll definitely be having those out again. I started out this week like that but changed to a cheese meta (not wisps) to try and get some points after having a bad day on gw offence.


It would be great if we got some dedicated “Guild Wars defense” team slots when this rolls out.


Speaking of defense QoL, I hope they will add the ability to see GW defense losses/wins per team. That will be essential information.


@Saltypatra can you shed a bit of light on the tweet linked?


I did indeed schedule this tweet at the behest of the publisher. I don’t have much I can shed light on at this time unfortunately.

The tweet is referring to our 3rd anniversary which will kick off on that date, it doesn’t guarantee a solid release date for the next update.


So nothing special for the 3rd anniversary?


The traditional 3rd anniversary gift in the U.K. (and, as a guess, former Commonwealth countries) is leather. So, I posit that there will be a special Tauros-hunting event.

Edit: bonus glory for each Tauros slain in PVP?