3.1 search features are of mixed benefit

The search feature in 3.1 has added a few beneficial aspects and proven a couple key points. The beneficial aspects are the addition of more search levels and of added search options. The proven points are that it is possible to both add more specific search content and also make the search more granular.

I find that some of the added search categories have limited value. The added categories of traits, spell effect and troop types don’t add much as those aspects were previously searchable through a keyword search. Granted, if you searched for “beasts,” you would not only get beasts, but also troops with spells that targeted beasts, so the new search is a little leaner. But many of the searches that would be most beneficial to me have been missed. To wit, here is my list of what I would like to see in the search options.

  1. Search by original troop rarity. Beneficial because you know at a glance what souls and traitstones are necessary for upgrade. This has been a request for a loooong time.

  2. Two-tiered sorting by mana color. So you can see, for example, all the green and yellow troops and decide where to upgrade.

  3. Search by number of traits upgraded—zero, one, two or three. I’d like to know how many I have left to upgrade.

  4. Multi-tiered sorting by the main sort categories (Order.) So you can sort by, for example, rarity and then level. It would not make sense to enable all two-tiered searches for all Order categories (a search by Card Name (A-Z) and Card Name (Z-A) makes no sense) but it could be set up so viable second-tier options are available or grayed out dependent on the chosen upper tier.

  5. Finally, the searches that I use a lot (Kingdom and Order) were much easier to access via the pop-down menu rather than the scroll.

Bottom line is that we didn’t lose what we had before (other than the pop-down menus) and gained some great additional content such as a search by Unowned troops. But there is still room to make the search feature awesome.

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PC has been saying this since June when we got this change. Supposedly it’s in the works to be addressed, but the current search function is horribly un-user-friendly. It sucks.

The new filter system is a usability nightmare, and I run a HCI team. Good FUNCTIONALITY extremely bad USABILITY - it’s obvious this game isn’t usability tested.

I hate that I can’t tell what kingdom a card belongs to by looking at it. I can’t figur out any way to tell what kingdom a troop belongs to, in fact. FAIL.

This is in there. It’s referred to as Base Rarity in the sorting options.

Ah. I see. It’s hard to find because you can’t see all the options at once.

So I just tried it, and leaving all other filters at default, the cards are sorted in, umm, they are sorted by…


I can’t tell how they are sorted. There is no rhyme nor reason to the layout. They are not by name, not by kingdom, not by ascended rarity, not by level. The option basically provides zero help. At least, it doesn’t provide me any of the help I was hoping for. It sure would be cool if we could sort by more than one characteristic.

I just checked so I could tell you you are wrong, but it turns out I was. After three years, I’ve finally figured out what kingdom the different crests belong to, and now the crests have been removed from the cards. That’s kind of crummy.

I literally thought the filters were broken for the first two days b/c I didn’t realize you had to click the tiny transparent arrows. I then announced it in my guild and multiple people responded thanking me b/c they thought it was broken as well.

I dunno how they thought it was okay and shipped it. It’s bloody awful. And it’s a game about acquiring and upgrading cards to build teams with them!