3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

When a guild task is completed, it still shows the name of the player who opens it, not who completed the task.

Was always taught a UI was like a joke, if you have to explain it for it to make sense, it is no good.


I am on windows 7 not very computer literate and seem to be getting no where since this morning game launches then just get a black screen does this mean I am not compatible???

Not sure if its a known bug, but my Lapina is gone from my Appearance menu.

Nah i play a million times more graphic intensive game,and its still not loading for me,the update is a mess,but still no words from them.When i can sometimes load,the game is running at constant 60 fps without problems.

Could someone with better editing and organization skills than me please create a new topic and keep it upto date?

"3.05 Troop Menu Suggested Changes"
Everyone agrees on all platforms the Troops menu specifically needs work, so let’s spell out some positive improvements and put them in one place for the developments to consider.

Thanks in advance. I’m on mobile and away…

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Can’t play the game anymore. It crashes every time. If it is because of the Unity ‘System Requirements’ then it’s the worst decision Gems of War could have made to make this simple game unplayable. Gems of War needs to respond to the crashes and either make it clear that it is a BUG or if it is because the System Requirements. Then they need to be clear that people cannot play the game anymore unless they buy new computers, graphic cards, OS, laptops, mobile phones or whatever. It’s really weird not to be transparent about this, go one direction and just leave players in the dark. But they knew this. So gems of war, show some love to the people you don’t want to let down?

What I have found is this for the requirements:

Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities.

So I have direct X 12. And that means… I cannot play the game. This has been fun Unity :slight_smile:

So check your direct X because it only works with DX9 or DX11. Awesomeness :smiley:

This is the website to compare the direct X with shader models: https://www.lifewire.com/determine-directx-version-and-shader-model-812997

EDIT: So I was WRONG: if you have DX 12 ‘technically’ you are able to play (although I’m not, so something else is wrong) the game :slight_smile: (Thanks to Lyya).

I don’t mind doing it, but would like to see a request as such by one of the developers.
Because I’ve posted about it many times, even in direct replies to developers, yet never gotten an answer or reply to such posts. And I’m not talking about my last one :slight_smile: I’m talking about the constructive ones.

Without that, I feel like it’s a waste of time, as they seem to go ignored…

Yeah I’ve had some mixed feelings in the past about the decisions Gems of War made. But now, not even a statement or whatever. We need some love I guess. I mean people pay for a service.

DX12-based graphics processors should be downlevel-compatible with DX11. Whatever issue you are seeing is not going to be the result of being “too new.” (Otherwise you’d not be able to run just about any game in existence – most use DX9 or DX11 for their engines.)

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Thank you. That’s what I thought too at first… But since it’s not working… The Unity site just states the DX versions but no specific graphics card or at least the minimum required graphics card. I have a laptop. I have a Intel Graphics HD 4000. So the game needs to run right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Number of battles undefeated seems to be missing now from player profile. No way to see where you are on your current win streak. Also, of course the last online data is missing from profile and ability to search by last activity in guild.

This is an integrated laptop video card with no dedicated video RAM, meaning any texture allocations are coming out of system RAM. The game will not run anywhere near as well on that as it would with a dedicated GPU (and the memory demand will be a lot higher), but non-gaming laptops usually have relatively “budget” graphics designed around 2D acceleration for business apps and web surfing.

Regardless, your point stands. The game used to work for you and now it does not. The company owes you an explanation and redress.

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Thank you Lyya. I know it’s not the best graphics card. But it worked for a game like this and I don’t know what went wrong. I do hope Gems of War will explain or clear things up about this issue.

Contact support and open a ticket. There might be a debug or log file you can send them to troubleshot the underlying source of your error.

Will do thank you Strat!

First I lose a GW battle I hadn’t even started yet due to server issues.
Then I don’t get rewards from a pvp battle I won because game froze. This used to happen occasionally but had been fixed.
Now all the problems that went away are back.
I shall patiently wait and hope all the concerns about these “improvements” are fixed.

Thank you, am waiting for game to reinstall after that I am clueless.


Leaving GOW open like I have done during the day for weeks on end - now stops working about 3+4 hours of uptime. During the day I collect tribute while working, and then on my break/lunch I play a bit.

However today at 11 am and now 1:32pm it stops working with no crash message other than the screen is completely froze and Windows says the game is unresponsive.

Restarting again - to see if it happens again in 3-4 hours