3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

That one is already in the list as “Being able to add the hero four times in Arena”. You should really try harder if you’re only able to add two. :wink:


Ah thanks. I must’ve missed it.

But dude 4 hero? How? :open_mouth: I mean I didn’t even know how this hero clone could appear there, lol.

I’m on PS4, so I have no idea of the “how”. I think @theina might be able to tell you how it’s done:

Il just dump this on the end here - cos I’m not quite sure where else to put it: to those of you that play on pc; do you guys have the capability to pm random users/guild members.

Nope. It’s an oft requested feature, but it’s not something that is currently ingame.

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Thanks for the reply.

That seems like a bit of an oversight. We can do it on the ps4, and I imagine on xbox too.

I run a (young) guild on mobile and the lack of easy communication is becoming hugely problematic.

I can understand (in terms of written abuse) why they wouldn’t implement pm’s willy-nily, but direct pm’s between guild members would be seriously bloody handy.

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I have a game breaking bug that completely locks me out of arena. There seems to be some moderator activity in here so I thought I’d post in here. More info here: Completely locked out of arena (game breaking bug) - #2 by JasonAshcroft

We’re still working on it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response!

Any info on this?

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I’m sure someone has reported this, but one of our lower level guild member lost a GW battle even though they had one troop left. Apparently they were a summoned troop. A there an ETA on this one ? Guild Wars is pretty big and losing points can mean moving up or down a bracket.

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The phantom troop thing is still happening. That Dryad died alright but the card was still there after the batter was over. And it wasn’t a summoned unit or anything. The image just stayed in place after I’d done the last bit of damage.

Garnok can cause this if his spell kills himself. I reported it up the thread although it doesn’t look like it’s on the issue tracker yet.

Edit sorry not in this thread but when Garnok was announced

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Yeah, I saw this too. I’ll bet that those 3 classes are set to +2 Magic under “Perks” for you. Unless they intended to change the design, I’d expect the +2 Magic from Perks to apply regardless of the weapon color.

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I could but it doesny matter now as they have fixed it i believe

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This is still a bug on Mobile, though it is fixed in the Unity version.

I assume this case was on Unity and not mobile?

Sorry if I have missed it, but I don’t remember having seen that issue on the forum.
I have played my 5 daily GW battles as usual and I have lost the 3rd one (the huge stats of the opponents on PC don’t help…).
However here is how my attack screen looks:

It has happened twice to one of my guilmates last week.
The first time the 6th battle that has been added to him was a defeat that turned his score of the day into 4/1 instead of 5/0.
On both occasion, he has been allowed to play only 4 battles the following day.

Of course I have just submitted a ticket, hoping I will be able to play 5 battles tomorrow and not only 4.
But it is very annoying in a context where the victory for the week often depends of 1-2K points of difference.

Edit : Another of my guildmates has the same problem today.


Can we re-add the Life Drain trait/Bombot issue back to the list? Still going on. Bombot explodes kills enemy, dies, life drain triggers, enemy lives with 4 hp.

Is this on Mobile or PC/Unity?

Mobile only. It looks like it has been fixed on PC.