3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

On console, the hero sounds (casting and death) are all completely randomized (other than by gender). Now that you’re on Unity, you may just be getting the same treatment.

UI Regression: Troops that are upgradable are not all showing the upgradable symbol in troop view.

If the row the troop is shown on is a mix of upgradeable troops and non-upgradabale - the symbol does not show.

See below Villager and the War Sphinx are both upgradable

recently, once collected - tribute doesnt show up for me at all (PC)
i have to restart GoW (pc) for it to show up ever again

clicking elsewhere doesnt help me anymore
once i waited for 3 hours and nothing :joy:

Tribute still seems way less on PC to.
If I click my tribute on mobile I get much higher rewards.

I know it’s random, I have just never seen a high tribute on PC since the 3.0.5 update, where as I still see tributes of over 6k gold on mobile.

All kingdoms 7 stars, except for like 3 or so.


The tribute issue is on the list.

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I have gotten a 14 kingdom tribute on the PC recently.

Stats can be quite different between mobile and PC in Guild Wars. In one GW battle, on the PC my opponent’s Spirit Foxes are doing 18 points of true damage a shot (before yellow gem boost). On my B&N Nook they are doing 11 points of true damage a shot.

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VERY, VERY, VERY old issue with Unity. You need to change any filter and change it back to get the upgrade indicators to display. It would be nice if this were fixed at some point. (and that fix was also applied to the console)

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Are traits working in arena? I have 125 gold cap with Alchemist and only 100 without him


Yea I’ve noticed it too. All my kingdoms are maxed and 5-8 stars and this morning I’ve gotten 2-4 tributes, and actually didn’t get one for once!

Please fix the GW Opponent stats to be the same between PC and Mobile! This is Crazy!


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Behemoth 3rd trait is showing “4 life on 4 or 5 gem matches”, but in game he’s still receiving the 8 life which was outlined in the patch notes. Just a simple display bug similar to Kerberos’ 50% typo.

It is not old for PC/Mobile…so that’s why I reported it.

Maybe old on Console…kinda a strange they would port with known bugs though.

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Please don’t get him started… :wink:

But seriously, console bug fixes seem to get a different level of attention. We seem to get a lot of things rolled into each major update, but nothing in between, and a lot of minor issues persist for a long time through numerous updates. It may be due to having to go through the Sony/MS approval process, or some residual from formerly having a different company develop/support the console versions, or the fact that the main console devs are now also the in-house experts on Unity.

Lots of things at play, but hopefully the Unity conversion will allow them to have just a single “known issues” thread at some point in the future. At this point, it would probably make more sense to split PC and Mobile, as they really aren’t the same game anymore.


I’m always started

“Tribute appearing less frequently” is on the list. This was added due an earlier reported issue where your income collect indicator over your kingdom does not appear on the map unless you force a server contact. Having your tributes be of less magnitude when you collect on the unity version is a separate issue. Bit hard to say here if this is actually happening with only a weeks worth of data and no hard records, but my low level account which should have 14% or 15% chance to get a tribute on every single kingdom came up with zero tributes three times in the last week, out of a total average of about 8 to 10 collects a day. Normally this would be about a 1 in 68 occurance (and I’d see it happen zero, once or twice a week). Hitting zero four times in a week (in addition to them “feeling” lower to me) is not that much of an outlier, but combined with other people noticing, I said it worth a check. There have been issues with tributes paying out the correct amount of the time (entire kingdoms getting skipped, guild statues not properly being factored in).

Heres a couple more to add:
If your troop has a conditional component spell that triggers on kill, and the troop that is being killed triggers a summon from a death trait, the conditional ability will not trigger. For example, War will never get the extra turn killing a fully traited and not stunned Drake Rider. War will not get the extra turn killing a Summoner if the Summoner triggers Daemonic Pact when it dies. Same with all similar troops with conditions that the target dies after their spell (Wulfgarok, Ancient Horror, Dark Master, etc etc).

Spells that have a conditional component are able to check after a troop has died, causing them to fail. Orc Veteran’s conditional “if my attack is greater” is checked in the order that it is printed on the card, so the order is correct as stated - the problem is, if the troop on the other end dies from the damage component, he has nothing to compare to and never gets the gem spawn. This is another example of where it would be of great benefit for multi component spells to not consider “death” until they have completely finished processing.

What I’m seeing here is that the game is looking at your traited Alchemist when setting up the pre-battle gold counter and gold modifier for the battle, and not the arena one.

This may be as a result of the way these traits work. Merchant and Necromancy never fire in battle (well, necromancy does, but its not supposed to). These traits are supposed to be considered before the battle even starts so they can properly set the number on the counter and your gold gain multiplier.

Based on the information I’ve gathered, I’m reasonably sure I’ve pieced together what is happening with necromancy. Raw gold and souls earned and most likely stored in their own seperate variables, and for the counter display, the modifier that was calculated before battle is applied and the result is rounded before displaying. The calculated number is used for any conditional abilities, but the raw value continues to be stored separately. When it comes times for rewards, this same calculation is supposed to happen again, capping appropriately, then multiplying this result by your combined armor and difficulty mods. What happens with necromancy right now, instead, is that it triggers at the end of battle on your “raw” gains, sequentially, rounding at each step, then this new modified “raw” number is passed into the method that determines your actual rewards. What needs to happen is they take the modifier set up before battle, take the raw souls gained in battle, multiply them, the same thing they do to get the number on the counter - THEN apply your armor and difficulty gain. I’m assuming they don’t just use the number in the counter in the first place for another reason.


This has only been happening when the dying troop insta-fills it’s slot with the summon. For instance, if War kills the drake rider and the drake fills another empty slot, war will get the extra turn.

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1/ (oops just saw it has been already reported, it’s in the updated list in the Original Post) Sometimes the Guild War result list is empty. I can’t find a scenario that reproduce it each time, but it happens about once per day :

2/ Also, the dayly reward for winning a day of guild war says 50 seal, I receive a mail that shows 50 seal, but when I open it, I get twice 50 seals, and the mail summary shows 100 seals gained.
(please do not fix this one :slight_smile: please please :))

That last part is just visual. Only 50 seals are actually added. (Happens on console too.)

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Yep, the 100 seals is actually only 50 gained. It would have been great if it was 100 seals gained. Easier to reach the 40k.:smiley: