3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

What about surges on 4’s? Is surging on 4’s a thing now, or a bug?

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New issue = updated my mobile to the latest version 3.0506

Checked several teams - all like this.

Points on my teams are now different on the two platforms (PC Windows 7/ Android/ Note5

adding additional data

Kingdoms 5 or above: 27 (only Suncrest is at 4)


How many of your kingdoms are 5* or above?

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lol, logging into a different device isn’t going to get an extra kingdom to 5 stars. Unity and Air are valuing teams at different scores. no two ways about that.

No it’s not, but there was a bug before about the stat bonus from a 5 star kingdom not applying to team scores. If that’s been fixed in the Unity version that could explain the team power difference.


@Cindy, this isn’t included in the bug report as it has more to do with how your device is interacting with the game than general bugs. The best thing to do if you are experiencing crashes it to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and that you meet the minimum Unity requirements needed to play gems of War. If you are still experiencing crashes after this we recommend that you contact our support found here.

@Arturo is this issue still happening with chat or has it been fixed with the update we pushed last night?

Once again, please keep this thread to bugs and issues. This isn’t the place to discuss the AI, or features you want implemented. I would recommend you have that discussion in the thread @Taisiakat started here.

I have updated the list again.

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27 of my kingdoms are 5 or greater for stars.

You would think if that is the case - then the Armor, Life, and Attack would be off. But it appears it’s only the magic that’s off

Not so much the actual stats not applying, they were showing up on cards fine, but Team Score usually adds around 40 points per stat bonus you get (eg Guild Statue bonus of +2 Magic will give you a boost of 80 Team power while it’s active), and while you got the team power increase for getting to Kingdom Level 10, getting it to 5* (where you get the double bonus) was not affecting your team score at all.

Though if all your kingdoms are at 5*+ then you’d probably be more than 140 points off.

Yes, something else is going on. Going to look at some base cards that I haven’t upgraded or traited to see if I can figure out where the culprit cause is coming from.

Can confirm surges on match 4s


Still a fair question as to whether that was intended (to match to existing console behavior) or unintended (bug).

@Saltypatra Yes, but I’ve since discovered that it is just old conversations going on in the back, like hours old. I leave my PC on while I sleep, and since the background chat doesn’t go fast enough it lags behind the chat box for hours when I wake up.

we have a new bug … tail slaming drake running around…

how is that a bug? the drake rider is supposed to summon it when he dies.

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Why did the gw difficulty bug not make it into that list?

Whole guilds might drop brackets and lose rewards due to this…
how is this not a major issue…

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Because it should be fixed with the patch that just went out a little bit ago.


As Ozball said, it’s because we just pushed a fix.


PC players are still add a disadvantage compared to mobile players.
Stats on PC are higher…

I clicked the right PvP fight, and checked the cards on PC and Nexus 9:

And magic is lower to:

So this is the exact same fight, on the same account.
Both logged in at the same time, just to show the difference.

Anyone with a mobile device + PC can do the same


Ya that was reported about 4 hours ago…and still present. No response yet from Dev on that.

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Wasn’t sure if that was pre or post patch…