2x Gold to celebrate 2.1?


Could we get 2x gold to celebrate 2.1?

Since most guilds will not hit the guild tasks cap anyway, why not give a little push :wink:


Any guild with all totems at level 100 have a constant 2x event - 50% exp and 50% souls (soul boost raises cap).


This time I want a large pepperoni pizza, with cheese sticks, and a large Dr. pepper. As always, delivered please Sirrian.

P.s Ricky and I want fries too! Make it happen Sirrian.


You forgot fries


I would really like for events to come back! I liked them a lot


Good to know, 99% of guilds are not there yet though.


Who the hell gets fries with pizza?


It doesn’t have to make sense man! That’s the beauty of this. You just request things and they deliver.

What else are forums for?


How about if the fries were on the pizza?

Also, that pizza better not be deep dish (which shouldn’t even be called pizza anyways).


What about pizzaburger?


That actually looks pretty tasty.


I’d buy that. You gotta have some while grinding GoW!


I would eat the hell out of that.


I keep saying they should slow down on troop output and give us a new weapon sometime or bring back those x2 events for a change of pace. Frankly I’m bored with 2 new troops every week that I don’t ever get to use anyway because I’m having to use the same troop setup to farm the billions of souls I need to level the troops I never get to use anyway. (:slight_smile:

This is nice to know except those of us peasant guilds who have not reached that level of statues yet and do not get that bonus.


Hey i know…
Lets cap the top 0.17% at 30mil
Everyone else at 16mil
We all get the same amount of rewards.