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2Dirty Guild recruiting_No worries it has more than 2 players, no seriously now

It has been a long time coming (this league is 1709 days old after all). Keep things simple, enjoy the game, contribute and gain cummulative rewards via the guild. No need to spam you with requirements, games are supposed to be about fun and shouldn’t burden people. So, I’m going to open up some places in the guild and feel free to join and have a go. If you are a person who wants to enjoy the game, I think this could be the ideal place for you. A lot of players in this guild started pretty low level and the rest of the guild helped them go 1000+ with no stress involved. Currently, there are only a few active members, so it’s time for some new players to give a helping hand. What do you say? Well, even if you say ‘no’ it’s all good, now how about that :wink: . Stay healthy guys and girls!